Giant Bomb Thread: Remembering Ryan Davis.



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    cooljammer00cooljammer00 Hey Small Christmas-Man!Registered User regular
    It's been a bummer not having Vinny on the cast

    His last episode was the last time I heard his voice

    Sorry for the multipost, but what are you doing?

    I know you said you only listen to the Bombcast, but the GBEast QLs have been basically like...shortform Bombcasts sometimes, and also there's a game.

    Loves me some Vin Dog.


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    Mr. GMr. G Registered User regular

    oh man

    vinny has 5 whole months worth of games he hasn't been able to play

    and man some of those games are looooooooooooong

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    BionicPenguinBionicPenguin Registered User regular
    No way is he going to finish Divinity in time for the GOTY stuff.

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