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The PA Report - Johnny Pyro vs The Excrementalist: it’s heroes vs villains in card battling game Her

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin

imageThe PA Report - Johnny Pyro vs The Excrementalist: it’s heroes vs villains in card battling game Hero Brigade

Hero Brigade is something akin to a super hero-themed mashup of deck-building games like Dominion as well as card-duelling games like Magic: The Gathering. You duel with a pre-made deck of heroes or villains while constantly drafting new abilities and mercenaries into your forces.

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  • hotzphotzp Rochester, NYRegistered User regular
    Andrew: Thanks for the great write-up! I know it's tough to talk about a game that hasn't been released yet by a first-time game designer, but I'll also be checking the comments here if anyone has questions about being a first-time designer, using Kickstarter, or bringing a product to print! I've answered quite a few through Kickstarter itself and on BoardGameGeek, but I certainly don't mind sharing my thoughts on the process. I believe we're in a bit of a Renaissance period when it comes to board game publishing due to the creation of crowd-funding sites.

  • GipsonGipson Registered User regular
    Sounds interesting. It's a little Netrunner mixed with Sentinels of the Multiverse. And I love the LCG model over the potentially WAY more expensive CCG model.

  • hotzphotzp Rochester, NYRegistered User regular

    Thematically, it has some similarities to Sentinels: It's a love letter to comics but also pokes gentle fun at the superhero genre, although the satire in Hero Brigade is a lot more overt. Mechanically, it owes quite a bit to the duel games that came before it, but I think Hero Brigade has a lot of nice new twists which include the positional card-battling and the multiple uses of all of the character cards. (I'm pretty biased, though!) It's also more deck-tweaking than deck-building because you start with a pre-built deck of 20 cards to which to add new cards.

    As a designer also, LCG is the way to go. Unless you have a giant company backing you or an established property, the CCG market is dominated by several big names.

  • calobicalobi Registered User new member
    This reminds me of an online turn based game Tycho mentioned some time ago. Each turn you got a new "hand" of units that you could pick from to add to one of two rows. The back row was mostly support (heal front row, get more choices per hand, etc) while the front was more offense (attack enemy units, block damage to your side). I wish I could remember the name, but it's gone from me. It's a nice concept, and if this has as much variety/meaningful trade-offs count on me as a player.

  • hotzphotzp Rochester, NYRegistered User regular

    If you can remember the name of that game, please share it. I'd love to check it out!

  • mpsingletonmpsingleton Registered User regular
    @ HOTZP - Pretty sure he's referring to Spry Fox's "High Grounds". you can find it here:

  • hotzphotzp Rochester, NYRegistered User regular

    Thanks for the link! I'm currently addicted to the Card Hunter Beta, but I'll be sure to give this one a spin!

  • 2evill2evill Registered User new member
    Sorry for the ad but this is a great RPG: kickstarter project, check it out!

    disclaimer: I'm a backer.

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