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Jetpack Joyride meets Gradius in DOT Space Hero [iOS]

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Jetpack Joyride meets Gradius. DOT Space Hero is a shooter adapted for mobile devices (Android version incoming) with a perfect touch control that will bring you a challenging arcade experience.
In the game you take control of DOT, a space kid who has to retrieve all his stardust. Use the left side of the screen to use your Jetpack and the right one to shoot your weapon. You will encounter obstacles, different enemies with varied behaviors and special weapons that will help you to bring them now. The game consists of 4 worlds, each world has his own ecosystem and enemies. At the end of each world you will fight a giant boss, defeating them will be the key to go to the next world not before playing a bonus stage inbetween planets.

The game is made by a team of two. We wanted to make a game like the old ones, with a story, a solid gameplay, boss fights, bonus stages, challenging levels, a cool character and without any iap purchases, the content unlocked from the game depends only on your skills.
Here you have some promocodes to try it. Enjoy!
It will be nice if you post the promocode you use to help other users :)
DOT Space Hero website
itunes Link
Gameplay Video
OST Bandcamp

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    I'm the dev. Claiming this post for future info and updates :) .

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