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Hey guys!

TurtleStrike is a hardcore twist to multiplayer, a game for both casual and competitive players. It is a game that mixes Worms-like fun with deep strategy and real-money tournaments and we finally have a release date for you. The carnage begins July 25th 2013!

What can you expect from TurtleStrike?
  • iOS/Android Live Turn-Based Multiplayer Strategy; No more waiting for your opponent! Both players plan their moves at the same time and the turn is then resolved simultaneously. It isn't a classical asynchronous Turn-based strategy; players have to play the whole match at once rather than check in and play their turn when it's convenient.
  • Skill-based competitive gameplay with regular tournaments for real money prizes
  • It’s Free-to-Play, but not Pay-to-Win; you have to unlock all the weapons first, you can’t just buy them right away. All equipment tier upgrades are “sidegrades”: That fresh new gun might not fit your strategy at all!

Screenshots: For more information, go to:

TurtleStrike Home:
email: [email protected]
Twitter: @eeGonGames
TurtleStrike FAQ:
Press kit available at

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