A little Rant about PAX badges.

Havoc 360Havoc 360 Registered User new member
I'm going to go on a little rant so if I'm wrong please correct me. I have never been to a PAX before and really wanted to go to PAX Prime as i have really gotten into Video Games. I have been waiting for a schedule to be released so i didn't buy an unnecessary pass and waste my money. I then went to see if i could purchase a ticket (because i didn't know how much it cost). I read that they were sold out. I do not know if this is a mistake or what, but if it is not a mistake the PAX Prime Event-Managers should have a schedule before tickets are sold or set some aside so that people who do not have enough money to purchase a 4 day pass can at least have a chance to buy tickets to what they want to go to.


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    QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    So you're saying that because you weren't aware that the tickets went on sale, that it isn't fair....to you. And that people who got badges should lose their badges....so that you can go. Because you've "really gotten into video games". And that special considerations should be made for people who "can't afford" to buy badges when they come out. I wish you luck with that.

    If you're suggesting that you should be able to buy tickets to go to "individual games" that "you want to go to", I will simply say the convention centre floor is an open space, and there would be no way to moderate such a thing. Nobody would want to even if you could.

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    Havoc 360Havoc 360 Registered User new member
    No that's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying i have been aware of PAX since PAX Prime 2012 and that there is certain people that want to go to certain events. Also by me saying "i have really gotten into video games" is sort of wrong. What i meant and should have said is that i have gotten more involved with them. I'm watching more streams and videos of all kinds. I am also watching more ESports. What i don't find that is "fair" is this: Lets say that Jon wants to go to a CoD tournament and its on Friday and he doesn't want to buy a pass for all 4 days and there is no schedule. That means he has to wait for the schedule to be made and by then it will be sold out. Lets also say Jon also has $45 he cant afford a 4 days pass in advance to go to this tournament. What I'm saying is like maybe set aside a few hundred tickets if not a few thousand tickets. Like i said i have never attended an event like this so a lot of what I'm saying may be wrong.

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    AyefkayAyefkay Queensland, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    i too am finding it hard to follow what you're asking.....are you saying that there should be a pax schedule when the tickets are available for people to make better choices? I guess that 'seems' fair but the nature of pax is that the panels and events dont get locked down until a few months before.

    PAX Aus will be my first pax too, and i bought my tickets well over 6 months ago...if you follow penny arcade and are interested in pax then there is plenty of warning on when the tickets will be on sale. its up to you to decide if you can attend / can afford going

    hope this clears things up...

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    ClixClix This guy I know Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    PAX is a whole lot bigger then one panel or tournament. There's really no way that passes could be sold after the schedule is released due to logistics. The schedule changes constantly and isn't even solidified after PAX starts. You have hundreds of companies running their own events, to try to plan that out before selling badges would be maddening.

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    PAX will never release a schedule before tickets go on sale, sorry.

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