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2013 PAX Australia BYOC tournament list

r4nr4n Registered User new member
edited July 2013 in PAX Australia
Hi all!

Bill (R4N) reporting in. I am the competitions manager for the PAX Australia PC section.

Check out the tournaments that we will be running in the PC area at PAX Australia 2013


Want a PDF Copy?


How do I enroll in a tournament?
When you check in at the BYOC or freeplay desks you will be directed to the competitions desk in the freeplay area. We will enter you into the competition and give you a print out of the details on a label (You can stick it on your PAX Tag)

What if the tournament I enrolled in is already full?
If the tournament is full we will place you on a reserve list for that tournament. If/when a player or team pulls out of a competition we will use players or teams from the reserve list.

I can't make the tournament? What do I do?!
Come see us at the competitions desk so we can mark you off our tournament lists. It is SO much easier for us getting servers organised if we know all teams or players on our list are participating.

Throw any general questions onto this thread and I/someone from the competitions team will answer it.

r4n on


  • skipgamerskipgamer Registered User regular
    Exciting! About the dota2 tourney I'm going alone, do you expect many people will be making teams on the Friday/Saturday? as I'd love to find people to enter that with.
    If anyone else is interested, or looking for a support for their team, add me on steam (skipgamer) and we can play some beforehand.

    Wc3 td also sounds like a blast, will it be element td or another map?

    Totally can't wait, instagib is going to be the perfect start to PAX :D

  • KaneskiKaneski Registered User regular
    Time to load up the o'le Flatout 2 soundtrack to get into the mood.

    Also... don't suppose you've picked the TD map for War3? :D

  • r4nr4n Registered User new member
    Hey guys,
    I'll check with the comp runner and see what he has chosen for TD. It will be a popular map I am sure.
    With team games skipgamer, We anticipate there will be quite a few people wanting to form teams at the event. We will do our best to make this process simple. e.g. make announcements when someone is looking for an extra player.

  • moojuicemoojuice Registered User regular
    Looking good! If there's any group needing a +1 for the BYOC cs:go comp please contact me :) I'm captain for a team called Noxious Gaming currently competing in the Cybergamer Professional ladder I would love to have some fun and possibly win!

    Alternatively if there's anyone else on their own looking to enter and play PM me here or add me on steam and I might try organize a group of 5, don't be shy :)

    I would've loved to have seen a quake live competition somewhere in there, but it looks pretty tight as it is hopefully everything runs smoothly :D

  • r4nr4n Registered User new member
    TD Map for War3 is "Legion TD" for anyone wanting to know. More detailed....details to follow!

  • TrizoeTrizoe Registered User regular
    Hey guys, Im at BYOC solo as well. Really keen on the CSGO comp, if anyones keen to join up let me know.
    Just getting into Dota2 so am pretty nooby if anyone can bear to put up with me i would love to have a go at that aswell.

  • r4nr4n Registered User new member
    Hey peoples!

    You can take a look at the rule sets for our BYOPC competitions by going on our public drive folder

    Google Drive!

  • r4nr4n Registered User new member
    Hey peoples!

    You can take a look at the rule sets for our BYOPC competitions by going on our public drive folder

    Google Drive!

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Not sure if this is the appropriate thread but, absolutely appalled by the lack of participation in the TF2 tournament. 2 teams were constructed, one organised pre-PAX by the organiser of the tournament (who also played), and the other made up of what I can only assume were interested PAXians on the day who may or may not have played any competitive TF2 at all before that point. As a result, massive roll and the organiser + friends get a free medal + mousepad, whilst the other team loses that hour of time in PAX.

    I honestly do not mind that new people played or that the organiser played, but the organiser should have had the duty to -ensure- there was enough interest in the tournament before the day. If there's not at least 2 competent teams interested in the tournament, or at least a large group of interested players, don't run it, and don't waste everyone's time.

  • JFedJFed PAX AUS PC Competitions 2IC MelbourneRegistered User regular
    Hey Discrider,

    As mentioned in the feedback thread, you're on my feedback list to take back to our meetings and work out a better solution for things like this. I was honestly taken back by the low numbers but being the first event we've got some bugs to iron out, just like any big event.

    If you've got any ideas or suggestions mate, I'm happy to listen to them and see what we can do about implementation depending on the idea. Ultimately my goal was to make awesome things happen, but things didn't quite go our way.

    As for the "organiser + friends", as enforcers we do play also and if that person isn't scheduled on shift then they are free to play as if they were a regular attendee. I can see your reference point in that there might have been some unfairness in this, however they are just people who play TF2 alot. Like so many times at night I've ended up in random TF2 games with them and get absolutely pwned by them because they play so frequently. However we may have to look at a different option going forward.

    I agree with the whole "dont waste peoples time", the problem is. We do not know until sometimes the last minutes if there will be sufficient people to make a competition worth it. Can I ask, you help us by drumming up support? Tell your friends about PAX PC Gaming! You still get all the love from the show, but get to LAN throughout it too!


    JFed - AUS 13 Competitions Deputy

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Regarding the order of these posts, the above comment was the one I posted whilst still at PAX and still raging hard at the match.
    There were two reasons for this, the first being that if I had a decent team behind me I could have given these guys a run for their money. But I didn't, so I couldn't and felt that my skill played no part in the match outcome. Only thing that stopped me quitting after the first round was some misguided notion of sportsmanship, because it was obvious to me what the result was going to be and there was nothing I could do to change the result. Even if I played well (say beat the organiser consistently as opposed to just 1:1), I can't carry that hard. Only thing I could do was get them to play ctf_2fort and hope to give them a bad time (which didn't happen, team didn't know how/want to camp).

    The second was that, and this is where the whole stress on organiser + friends comes from, an organised communicating team is always going to beat a bunch of randoms thrown together who don't communicate or co-ordinate at all, unless the random's DM is much higher than the other team. The only way to manage this is either through a random draw of some sort or otherwise split the communicating team up and have it play itself, both of which were not the focus of this competition.

    There were also issues with the mumble server, with the freeplay member of our team unable to use anything but in-game chat, and with me unable to connect and unable to get help to connect to the mumble server. I had the right port and address, but for whatever reason the server kept refusing my connection. I also lost connection to the TF2 item server, which would have required a steam restart but that didn't matter for the most part when we were getting rolled anyway.

    As for the "tell your friends", I don't have anyone I meet up with regularly to LAN with, and everyone I play online with lives in different cities so it's highly unlikely I'll be bringing anyone else down for PAX next time. And sure, LANs are more fun with friends. But it was hard enough getting my PC down there in the first place, what with driving it down from Canberra and then needing car parking at the hotel and PAX and organising pick-up and delivery of the PC around PAX timetables, so I'm unlikely to convince anyone who can't pool transport with me to do likewise. Next year I'm contemplating being an empty seat, just for the ability to sleep in and still get in at 10.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    discrider wrote: »
    Next year I'm contemplating being an empty seat, just for the ability to sleep in and still get in at 10.
    This is a tremendously shitty thing to do.

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    edited July 2013
    Okay, then I won't, although this was the only thing I really enjoyed about the BYOC this year, as much as it pains me to say that when so much Enforcer effort was put into that area and whilst also realising that lone BYOCers are going to have a worse time anyway.

    discrider on
  • moojuicemoojuice Registered User regular
    Was definitely a fun 3 days, the cs:go 5v5 was a bit of a disaster with teams not showing up after they had signed up but oh well. Does anyone know where I can find photos of the winners from tournaments BYOC and freeplay alike?

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