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[Animal Crossing: New Leaf] PAX Prime/East/Aus shirts!

Tempest_BetaTempest_Beta Registered User regular
Hey guys! I made a few PAX shirts. At first, it was just the PAX East shirt for my character, but then I thought, "Why not make all three and share them with the community?"

Grab a shirt and suit up for PAX!

These also look great on the scrolling LED signs.




Let me know what you think!


  • bloatedhippobloatedhippo Registered User regular
    Whoa. Cool!

  • plktsplkts Mr. Vancouver Registered User regular
    Thanks a lot! Wearing it now!

  • Tempest_BetaTempest_Beta Registered User regular
    Awesome! Enjoy!

  • cabbie98cabbie98 Registered User regular
    How do you get this on a shirt after using the QR machine?

    I can't create a custom shirt using a design I didn't create. It only shows up as a tile design.

    WiiU: cabbie98
    3DS FC: 4382-1976-1645
    Pin Pals Digital Lanyard
  • Tempest_BetaTempest_Beta Registered User regular
    Just go to the QR Machine and scan all four codes in sequence for a shirt.

    Unless it was designed to be a shirt, you cannot use it as one.

    Is it not working for you?

  • Tempest_BetaTempest_Beta Registered User regular
    I should specify- You can use a tile design as a shirt, but it won't look as good as a shirt pro design.

  • cabbie98cabbie98 Registered User regular
    Ok. I feel stupid now. I was wearing a wetsuit so it wasn't giving the option to wear the shirt. Thanks for the great designs.

    WiiU: cabbie98
    3DS FC: 4382-1976-1645
    Pin Pals Digital Lanyard
  • Little Miss RachelLittle Miss Rachel Geek Chick Before Geek Was Chic Idahoan ExileRegistered User regular
    Thanks for making these, they're great!

    Also works pretty well as a firework, if you ask me. =D

  • cyceratopscyceratops Registered User new member
    Ridiculously awesome! Thanks for sharing this. I'll be suiting up.

  • Yuffie1972Yuffie1972 SEATTLERegistered User regular
    OH MiGAWD!!!

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