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The Bizarre Creations of Keith the Magnificent [PC]

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The Bizarre creations of Keith the Magnificent, is a point

and click adventure game about the mad wizard keith, and

his home made horde of steampunk zombie cyborg he created

to be his friends.



The free demo contains one full level from the game, with

all puzzles and art implemented, it is from about halfway

through the game.

The bugs I am currently aware of is that you can click

through a few screens, and that the table in one of the

puzzles sometimes selects itself when you roll over it.

I am making the game in flash, as I have very little

experience coding anything, and the tiny bit of experience

I have is in actionscript so I decided to stay within my

comfort zone as much as possible.

It can be downloaded from the games website:


Combine items with Magic or Science, Build new creations

using all kinds of different items, or use them in logical

and clever ways - or just regular ways. Squish eyeballs,

set fire to guts and brains, make stomachs into engine

bays, dissects corpses, and other things the puzzles in The

Bizarre Creations of Keith The Magnificent.

There will be 13 levels, each with its own painted strange

and weird art, and quirky, slightly grotesque puzzles.

Each level will have up to 14 different puzzles, making you

think in new and interesting ways of creating zombies,

harassing them, bully them and killing them.


The game is very much story - and art - driven. The story,

beneath all the gore and guts, the dark morbid humour and

inappropriate jokes, the grave robbing and all of that -

behind everything else, is a story about a lonely man. A

man, Keith, driven to the edge by loneliness and far too

much drink. He has no hope, no friends, no one to care for

or to care for him.

It doesn't stay like that - his loneliness is what drives

him to create the zombie cyborgs. His desire for friends,

and we follow him and find out some about were he came

from, why he has no friend - and see him fall in love, and

dig his way, with help, out of the desperation and sadness

he is in, a genius with no desire other than to help, and

be accepted.

Its a story about humans being desperate, and wanting to

live, no matter how weird and disturbed their minds are.

They deal with sadness by ignoring it, they joke when

they're at their lowest and hardly ever know what they're

doing - but do it anyways, laughing and pretending they

have every idea what it will do - hoping that it will work,

and they love by being really awkward and having feelings

that don't make any real sense.


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