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[Your fantasy game thread] Come discuss your dream game!

malerikmalerik Registered User regular
I've always loved discussing imaginary games with my friends, crazy ideas for games or 'wouldn't it have been great if instead of another FPS/Endless runner they'd...' and so on. I don't have the patience to make games myself, but I love coming up with concepts for them, sometimes full games and sometimes just single set pieces. So I thought I would set up a thread here and see if anyone else did this kind of crazy nonsense too?

Foremost in my mind, after seeing pacific rim at the iMax on Tuesday (so sorry, but SPOILERS below. I will try and spoiler them all out.) is the idea of an XCOM style game based around the premise of the movie. It fits quite well!

Imagine it, you have the rift where the kaiju come through,
steadily getting more and more frequent until they start coming through two, then three at a time,
, attacking cities and generally being big jerks. You, as the commander of the Jaeger forces need to pool the world's resources, build jaegers, train pilots, assess them for compatibility,
try not to send anyone into the field who has post traumatic stress disorder
and research the kaiju quickly, coming up with newer, more effective jaegers to combat the increasing kaiju threat
eventually culminating in a last, desperate attack on the rift with whatever remaining jaeger forces you happen to have left

I would play that. I would play it a lot. Not 100% on how the combat would work but I was thinking something along the lines of that dragon quest slime game on the DS? Bit hard to have tactical squad style combat when most fights are 1 on 1, but you can have tactical duel combat, rerouting systems, venting stuff, that kind of thing.

One of the other ideas I've had for a really long time isn't even a game per se, but a single part of a game. Multiplayer co-op situation. You have one player as a large, slow, but heavily armoured vehicle carring a nuke. The other players are in smaller vehicles, like jeeps, and have to protect the big vehicle as it makes it's way across a massive stretch of land towards the target, a large volcano with an enemy mothership over it. Flying enemies and large beasts attacking, jeeps breaking off to lure attackers away from the nuke, lots of dukes of hazard style jumps, I dunno it always seemed like it would be a lot of fun.

Oh and lastly I always gotta give a shout out to Peter MolyDeux, my favourite twitter feed. So many crazy game ideas, but so many of them would actually make great games (and do at molyjam!), read it!

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