Couldn't think of a clever title. Critique/feedback highly desired.

Tristan_LowTristan_Low Registered User new member
Hello all! After being a regular visitor to the AC for roughly half a decade(possibly longer), I've finally gotten off my ass and made an account. Hooray for me.

Anyway, long story short I've always wanted to be able to draw but I never really made much progress. Every so often I'd make an effort to try and learn, and promptly give up a week later. A few months ago I decided to that I was going to just work on learning the basics, even if the process killed me. It hasn't(yet).

As far as my goals, my main ones are:
Proficiency in the fundamentals of drawing
Getting into digital painting
General improvement
Earning some extra money doing art things would be nice too

I'm not really focused on learning a particular style or imitating a particular artist, I'm way more interested in the basic process of drawing/painting, and I devour books and video tutorials like they are going out of style(Vilppu's DVD lectures are the single greatest investment I have ever made. All hail Vilppu!)

Enough talk, on to the art. And I apologize for the horrendous quality, apparently during my recent move to my new apartment I forgot the cable to connect my scanner to my Mac. So I'll re-upload these next week once I have that stupid Goddamned cable.

Critique to your heart's content!




I hope I linked those properly.


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    McDMcD Registered User regular
    The images themselves are kinda fuzzy, but as far as I can tell, that first picture looks pretty cool. However for the other things on here, there isn't much to give feedback on, really... It looks as though you're doing a lot of exercises, but I think you'd need to post some pieces that are a bit more finished to get any kind of criticism that would be useful. If you show stuff that pushes your skills, it's easier for others to see where you can make improvements.

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    Tristan_LowTristan_Low Registered User new member
    Thanks McD! And yes, finished pieces are precisely the area I've been avoiding. In fact, that first picture is probably the closest I've ever come to actually completing a drawing. I think my goal for this weekend will be to try a couple still lifes and maybe some landscape thumbnail sketches(another area I've been avoiding). Hopefully I'll have some stuff ready to post on Monday.

    Also, I can safely say that the iMac's built-in camera is a poor substitute for a scanner.

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