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Thank you for a wonderful convention!

SurikoSuriko AustraliaRegistered User regular
Sitting in a hotel, with PAX AUS 2013 now over, I have a chance to say something that really should be said.

Thank you.

Thank you to the coordinators who showed their expertise in convention management in ensuring a well-run convention. I've seen a fair few non-PAX cons before, but the organisation for PAX was outstanding above any other I've been to, a sentiment which I overheard many other attendees echhoing.

Thank you to the Enforcers who gave their time to provide helpful, friendly advice and guidance. You guys rocked. The crowds were managed very well, especially given the unique situation with inclement weather at times, a largely outdoor venue, and large flows of people. Also, those berets looked really cool. As did the kilts.

Thank you Gabe and Tycho for PAX. Without you guys, this wouldn't have existed. It's been a wild ride, and it was great to see you guys are as funny and likable in person as you are online.

And finally, thank you to the attendees. You guys were fantastic. The atmosphere was welcoming unlike almost any other con I've been to. It was like having thousands of friends, right there enjoying games with you.

Bring on PAX AUS 2014. :)


  • troubleshootertroubleshooter Registered User regular

  • a2ka2k Registered User new member
    agreed :)
    But unfortunately for me, I now have an obsession for collecting pins (which then lead to me being introduced to (and getting very interested in) Magic the gathering)

  • VerminVermin MelbourneRegistered User regular
    PAX really was the best organised con I have been to (I'm a regular attendee at Melbourne Supanova, Armageddon and Manifest, which are all run locally and the latter entirely by volunteers) despite the huge volume of people. I have heard it reffered to already as "LineCon 2013" which I do relate to, but given the volume of attendees and the size of facilities available, even the hours waiting in line were very well handled.

    Special mention to the enforcers; every single one of them I encountered was friendly and efficient. The number of them that were around probably helped; I don't think I have ever seen any con here with so many staff on hand. You were all a delight and thank you for making PAX run smoothly, despite weather and encroaching masses of tired gamers.

    as predictable as melbourne weather
  • OlerheadOlerhead Krytenton AustraliaRegistered User regular
    a2k wrote: »
    agreed :)
    But unfortunately for me, I now have an obsession for collecting pins (which then lead to me being introduced to (and getting very interested in) Magic the gathering)

    The exact same thing has happened to me.

  • mordiemordie MelbourneRegistered User new member
    Wow! my First PAX and I have to say the experience was fantastic! Best couple days I've had in a long while.

    I went alone as my wife isn't much of a gamer but that didn't matter as I met some people in the line ups in and even in the mech store queue in the Big Tent on Friday morning. I had a ball!

    Loved the Saturday crowds ball over the sign game while we all waited for the doors to open - Wonderful how good everyone was in the queuing rooms in the mornings :)

    The Big Top seemed to be the better of all the venues onsite from my POV- was spaced out soo nicely.

    The Expo hall was fun - Was it me or did a few more booths and a slight configuration change happen over night in there from Friday to Saturday?!?

    Ok the only negative I have is the queuing for panels issue and the small theater setups but I think they'll know next year to fix this.

    Kudos to all the Enforcers and PA Staff that made this happen in Melbourne and making it fun and enjoyable ..

    I've only ever been to two conventions this and Supernova and I'm planning to return to PAX AU in 2014 for sure! I'm making the PAX AU site my homepage at work so I don't miss tickets when they get released :)

    ..Robert Khoo twitted: "For all you first timers at #paxaus, let me be the first to warn you: Tomorrow you will begin to suffer post pax depression. Sorry." this afternoon I have to say the post PAX blues have already hit me :/

    next year I've going pin hunting and the QRing ...along the way - might be going solo again but with the people there I don't think I'm gonna be too lonely :)

    "madness by my Friend..."
  • FeralJimFeralJim Registered User new member
    PAX was soooooooooooooooo good! And now that it's over, I feel a great gaping hole in my heart. I will fill it with PATV! Paint the Line ECG, and Mondays drop-bear strip! It was like Jerry said in the 2nd QnA, gamers get such a bad rap for being basement dwellers, but where ARE those people? they weren't at PAX. We were awesome.

    "What a huge play!" - Tycho Brahe, PAXAUS 2013. - Extreme Jenga.
  • NoonooNoonoo Sydney, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Pax Aus in a nutshell ... friggin Amazeballs.

    I went with my son and best mate and spent the 3 days wandering around from hall to hall taking in everything. It was an experience that I wont be forgetting very quickly and one i know which will return next year in 2014.

    I know there have been alot of gripes from people about venue size, queues, missing out on panels and the like, but i got to say as a whole it was very well run and and organised for the first time. Yes, there were some teething problems, but as its the inaugral first PAX Aus, it can only get better.

    PAX Aus opened up a whole new word for gaming culture, bar maybe 1 or 2 incidents with disrespectful individuals, the people i met there were just incredible. I could be having a random conversation reliving the good old days gaming, or someone taking the time out to happily explain the finer points of MTG for this first timer, to hearty debates on which developer was coming out with the groundbreaking titles this year. The people made PAX what it was imo.

    To our international visitors, i met a few and was happy to share somethig that spanned somthing over our wide shores. Your presence there not only made the event more cheerful but definitely feel more like a world wide community.

    I look forward to how much more PAX will grow and become the event not to be missed in Australia.
    After watching the many cosplayers at PAX, I'm hoping to indulge and come prepared next year.

    Thank you so much to the organisers, exhibitors and panelists that made the event possible.

    Now .. ONWARD to 2014!

    P.S Big shoutout to the enforcers, your work was tireless, your enthusiasim was infectious and some just made my day by how much fun they were having being a part of it and helping were they could. BIG BIG KUDOS !

  • PolianderPoliander Registered User new member
    I loved it. I might have spent a bit too much time in the museum part, but then again i am a dinosaur myself ... i understand a lot of people were upset about the lines and such, but whatevz. You can not really please everyone. Besides i only wanted to see Gilbert and I did that. Did not bother with other lines :).
    'till next yeah eh? :)

  • JDHultgrenJDHultgren Sunshine Coast, QLDRegistered User new member
    G'day all,

    Wow, what an incredible weekend! It wasn't the games or the exhibitions that made it so great, it was just the vibe of the place. I met so many genuinely awesome people, so thank you everyone for making my first PAX so special, I'll definitely be back next year.

    I was the guy at the Make A Strip Panel who said that I make a webcomic with my wife about the lighter side of parenting, and that Wind Waker has been my daughter's first game.

    It was great to see so many parents at the event (a shout out to Katie, who came and played Munchkin with us while her awesome husband watched her baby) and such a big focus on parenting in general (there were more parenting panels than any other topic). It really drove home the focus that games are not just for kids, and that Generation Penny Arcade has grown up together.

    If you're an Aussie webcomic creator, no matter the subject matter, I want to hear from you! PAX AUS was just the catalyst we needed to really get the Aussie webcomic community boiling. So start sharing your work with other creators, and let's see if we can build something here.

    Take care, and we'll see you all next year!


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  • ShutdownShutdown Registered User regular
    I just read the front page where it says that Melbourne PAX is a thing now, an ongoing event, and that's just the perfect end to the weekend. I (and my mates) had a ball, and we'd already decided to do it in 2014 if it happened. When we walked in on the first day my friend asked what the sign meant when it said "Welcome Home" - he understood by the end of the 3rd day.

    Thank you to all involved in making it happen - I went in with absurdly high expectations and PAX-AU delivered.

  • TinBaneTinBane Registered User new member
    I have to say, my eyes moistened a tiny bit when I read on PA that Melbourne PAX is a thing.
    It was an amazing prototype. It's like someone just prototyped a flying car, and sure, maybe the radio and upholstery can use some tweaks, but goddam it's a FLYING CAR!
    It will be great to see PAX AUS "production model" next year!
    Hats off to Jerry and Mike, for putting their bodies on the line trying Vegemite! Next year try it in Bolognese, and a melted cheese sandwich and prepare to be blown away.
    It makes more sense when you consider it a bit like a bitter soy-sauce in condiment form!

  • dyaballikldyaballikl PAX Main Theatre House & Security Manager • PAX Community Cartographer Gold Coast QLD AustraliaRegistered User regular
    10/10 will enforce again ;)

    a.k.a. dya
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  • QuestorQuestor PAX Aus Tabletop [E] Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    I am totally going to be enforcing next year!

  • thegh0ststhegh0sts Sydney, NSWRegistered User regular
    i wouldn't mind at having a go at being an enforcer now i have a few expos (as an attendee) under my belt!

    though i still think being an attendee is the best ticket.

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  • Hesster56Hesster56 OhioRegistered User regular
    I agree, it was a great show! Came all the way from Ohio in the States to see it. Loved meeting all the people attending. Australia's a great country too, very happy my wife and I came to visit. We did a week in Melbourne and a week in Sydney. I won't say which we preferred so as not to start another fight amongst the locals :)

  • thegh0ststhegh0sts Sydney, NSWRegistered User regular
    i would love to go state side again and attend East or Prime as either an attendee or enforcer but i need to financially recover first!

    Next PAX: PAX AUS 2017
    Previous PAXs: PAX Prime 2011, PAX AUS 2013
  • SuperRoachSuperRoach BallaratRegistered User regular
    I done a big writeup about PAX:

    But to echo the @Surika, I had a great time as well and just how friendly people were - it was amazing. Great to see the australian gaming community really band together.

    And the Enforcers! What a lively and happy bunch! Lots of respect for all of you, you went well and above what many people have thought as normal care for anything from helping out in the lines, moving us along when we dawdle around the Riot booth etc.

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