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xander85xander85 Registered User new member
Hi everyone!

At some point on Saturday I have missplaced and lost my partners Limted Edition Princess Peach 3DS :(

Here is a photo of Stef (@lilithia on twitter) holding the 3DS at the Nintendo booth.

Here is a photo of the console itself next to the Zelda anniversary edition console.

The console had a Pokemon White Two cartridge in it.

The console was also protected by a clear plastic hard shell.

If anyone has any information available on the whereabouts of this console please contact me as soon as you can!

I am desperate to find this console as it has so much sentimental value to Stef!

So much that I am offering a reward!

I really hope that someone has found this & is kind hearted enough to hand it in!

Thank you for your time.

Grant Alexander
M: 0405 061 766
E: [url=""][/url]
@: xander85
F: xander85


  • JFedJFed PAX AUS PC Competitions 2IC MelbourneRegistered User regular
    I would email the info@ mailbox to see if someone handed it in also.

    Nothing like that was handed in the PC arena. I had about a dozen phones which all got reunited with their owners after I put on the owners Facebook "Do you know how to find me? I am the owners lost phone in PC Arena. Come to JFed with ID and something that confirms your ownership to be reunited with your lost phone".

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