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Conquer Mars: StarCraft meets Total War on the red planet (PC + Mac)

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Conquer Mars is a fast-paced RTS like StarCraft, but at the same time you get these massive Total War style battles with hundreds of units on the screen at the same time. We have removed most of the micro management, so the players jump straight into the battles, where they try to outwit and outfight each other.

And oh yes, it’s played directly in the browser, with an extremely easy way to invite your friends, so you can have a multiplayer real-time battle up and running in no time.

Enough talking, watch the trailer which ends with some actual gameplay footage:

Main features:
- Massive battles with 500+ units
- Addictive multiplayer experience
- 1-8 players
- Live spectators
- And much more.

Quotes from playtesters
“It’s definetely an epic cool LAN game. It’s something you can argue
about for weeks!”
- MrGiggles, gamer.

“The number of tanks, especially if you have more than 2 players battling
it out at the same time, it’s really epic. It looks really great!”
Papapug, gamer.

The game is currently under development, but we feel that the current build is good enough to start showing it to the world.

So far only a few select journalists and industry professionals have seen the game, but I have included 10 keys for the Penny Arcade community - FCFS.

All I ask in return is that you take the time to write a comment about what you hate or, hopefully, love about the game. It is best played as a multiplayer game, so I would encourage you to team up with a couple of friends when you play it.

Alpha keys

Stay updated
If you want to stay updated on the game, please follow us on Twitter: @ConquerMars or like us on Facebook:

More screenshots

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