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Root Canal



  • colawarscolawars Pittsburgh, PARegistered User regular
    edited March 2007
    I used to be a prison guard and got my four front teeth kicked out by an inmate. I took a heel to the mouth/nose and bled like a stuck pig. The broken nose hurt more than the gaping wound in my mouth, and once the gums healed I got implants. I loved the painkillers. I was so fucking high for so many months I never went back to that job. The state really hooked me up good considering what happened to me.

    colawars on
    3DS: 1049-1266-2726
  • mrpakumrpaku Registered User regular
    edited March 2007
    my mouth has four teeth too many

    they wanted to take them out, but they didn't even bother to tell me i had them until five years of braces later, so i told them to fuck off

    mrpaku on
  • GarthorGarthor Registered User regular
    edited March 2007
    I got all four wisdom teeth removed at the same time.

    And then a fifth tooth too. For shits and giggles.

    It was in the way or something.

    That was fun.

    It's cool how there's no swelling until the next day.

    Garthor on
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