Please critique this OC - Retro Gaming Tee designs

KittyLitterKittyLitter Registered User new member
First up - Thank you for clicking. Many lesser individuals might have run screaming at the thought of critiquing more gamer tees. I justify it thusly : I make tees for a living (for almost 10 years,) and I play old school games for fun, so why not.

I'm currently preparing a Kickstarter campaign to print these tees, but before I do that I need to make sure the designs are as good as possible. I have around 30 designs ready to go and I figured I'd post a few of them in here and see what you creative type people thought. The campaign is still in the design phase, so I don't even have the video yet. This means I can make changes if needed.


Yes, I did just create this account. I've been lurking.

So any comments? Criticisms? Anything? Bueller?


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    sharky tsharky t LondonRegistered User regular
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    Wow, these are cooler than I was expecting, I must admit. Mostly pretty clever and original ideas.
    The old school cog versions of controllers is a very nice idea and can't recall ever seeing it done before.

    The only thing I would say, and this is just a personal preference, is I think the whole mixing two IPs together like the gollum design feels a little bit overdone and saturated in the market at the moment. I think you could have more of a defined focus of making clever and well made designs as homages to retro games and consoles on their own without having to mash something from outside their world up with it. But that's just me.

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    KallistiKallisti Registered User regular
    The Gollum one is creeping me out something fierce and I'm not sure what the crossover is in reference to or what the purpose is. If it's a reference to rings I'm not sure that's really enough to sell it, it's an odd crossover.

    I feel like the controllers and the Joust are the strongest ones and I quite like them, the controllers have a nice ornate quality that creates an interesting design in its complexity, the Joust one looks fun and is well structured with a nice composition and statement. I don't know what the latin says but I get it as a design.

    I'm not sure what the green and yellow shield is alluding to, Zelda perhaps? Or is it a mario brothers turtle shell? The >'s ringing around the shield doesn't seem like it fits with the rest design cause it feels like type and it leaves me trying to figure out what it means. I'm not really crazy about the ghost ying yang either for the same reason, it feels like it's suppose to mean something that I'm not getting.

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    KittyLitterKittyLitter Registered User new member
    Kallisti wrote: »
    The Gollum one is creeping me out something fierce and I'm not sure what the crossover is in reference to or what the purpose is. If it's a reference to rings I'm not sure that's really enough to sell it, it's an odd crossover.
    It's Sonic the Hedgehog meets Lord of the Rings! :) I understand what you are saying, and agree with you, in regards to not mashing old/new IP together, but I just couldn't help myself on this one. ;)
    I'm not sure what the green and yellow shield is alluding to, Zelda perhaps?
    From one of the hardest games ever to cause me to break a controller - Battletoads.

    Most of these were designed to be subtle... That one might have been just a little bit too subtle, though.

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    WassermeloneWassermelone Registered User regular
    I'm in almost complete agreement with Kallisti

    The controllers + joust are the best ones.

    The gollum/sonic one I just don't really like, but it could do with figuring out and reworking the structure of the hand (I really can't read what is going on there as it is) as well as improving the arm to body relationship.

    The yin/yang one I think needs something, and I think it could use with some simplication. Dropping the black outline around the white ghost and the grey outline on the edge of the black ghost would help I think.

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    NakedZerglingNakedZergling A more apocalyptic post apocalypse Portland OregonRegistered User regular
    This is going to sound weird. I LIKE them all, but i don't feel i would buy a shirt with one on them. I think the controllers are the strongest ones, and the ones i would be most likely to purchase.

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    zollmaniaczollmaniac Registered User regular
    These are awesome. Loved the Gollum/Sonic mash up and the Joust shirts. If you do a print run, I know someone who would buy your joust shirt in a blink on an eye. ;)

    Only one that doesn't read well to me is the green one after koopa troopa, but I think these shirts depend on a high nostalgia factor from the viewer in a very specific topic. The designs look very nice and professional.

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    MagicToasterMagicToaster JapanRegistered User regular
    Technical shirt question.

    When I was doing screen printed shirts for my old company, the shirt guy... (a sly business guy)... told me that I could keep my print cost down by keeping the size under 8.5 in x 11 in.

    Is this true, or was he trying to pull a fast one over me?

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    NappuccinoNappuccino Surveyor of Things and Stuff Registered User regular
    Probably true for him. If he can only make screens as large as 8.5 x 11 then he has to make twice as many screens even for the same colors

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    KallistiKallisti Registered User regular
    Only having 8.5x11 screens on hand seems kinda ridiculous for a print shop though, maybe it kept the ink usage cheaper? I would think it'd be more a matter of less layers keeping the price down.

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    GristoGristo Registered User regular
    I agree that the controller ones are the strongest, just because they don't immediately remind me of other shirts I've already seen. The intricate detail is the kind of thing that grabs my eyes, too, and I want to study them for a while. I bet people would like to see NES, Dreamcast, and maybe even some current controllers. They've all got a steampunk look, and you probably know how big that aesthetic is with some people.

    I like the Koopa Troopa emblem, but I think the wings/stripes/stars with blue/white are too close to the Sonic the Hedgehog logo (which I can see you're familiar with). The Koopa shirt just has to come in either red or green, doesn't it? I got the Battletoads one (though I was thinking "Or maybe Frog from Chrono Trigger . . . ?"). The Boo-yang is big and bold, and I like the symmetry. It's such a simple picture, I could see it on a big button, too. Joust is great. The Lucca one looks kinda flat to me. Maybe it needs some of that wear-and-tear you put on the others, being circa 1,000 A.D. Also, Google says Lucca's last name is actually Ashtear -- so I suspect her shop would go by that, too, but I know that ruins the recognizability of the shirt. You can't have your canon and eat it too, I guess. And Gollum . . . that one seems more like the third panel of a videogame webcomic than it does a t-shirt. I agree with what sharky t said.

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