InFlux [PC, Mac (soon)]

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InFlux is a relaxing puzzle game for PC and (soon) Mac.


In InFlux you play as a mysterious metal sphere which falls from the sky, traversing an island populated by cubic structures of glass and steel. Each structure is a puzzle to be solved.

The game was made over about 2 years by Impromptu Games, a company originally spawned on these very Penny-Arcade forums, when I made a thread called Who Wants To Made A Mod in 2008 and we made Shotgun Sunrise. InFlux is our first commercial PC game, and its sales will probably determine whether or not I end up homeless next month. To that end, you should vote for it on Steam Greenlight. As you can see on that page, it's getting really good reviews and comments from basically everyone on the internet. It's been described by people I don't know and didn't bribe as being like Proteus meets Portal and also kind of like Dear Esther in some vague way.

Here's a sweet trailer!


Here's where you can currently buy it from!

http://www.influxgame.com will be updated with all the links. From there, you can currently buy it from the Humble Store, or GOG, or Amazon. Hopefully more retailers soon. It's ten bucks usually, though check all the stores because one might have it cheaper sometimes.

Codes! Click to own game.

1 https://www.humblebundle.com/s?gift=FFDsdFwYspre
2 https://www.humblebundle.com/s?gift=YqVzhNwbZkUk
3 https://www.humblebundle.com/s?gift=enyDRaxt5MM6
4 https://www.humblebundle.com/s?gift=dESFYYDETCdd
5 https://www.humblebundle.com/s?gift=zdKz56SE3eap
6 https://www.humblebundle.com/s?gift=f54z2SwNVdBP
7 https://www.humblebundle.com/s?gift=KRF7KTB4SWYV
8 https://www.humblebundle.com/s?gift=UF5FsXE8D8as

Like I said, it's not on Steam yet, but you can help us fix that:

Steam Greenlight is a crazy weird thing but it's currently our only real hope of making any monies. Please vote for us on there. If we get on there, we intend to hook up everyone who's bought it through other means with Steam keys, but we're not completely sure how that works yet.

System requirements:

Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8 or OS X for Mac
2.0+ GHz processor
2 GB system RAM
SM3-compatible video card
2 GB Free hard drive space

As above, but with higher numbers



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    LaCabraLaCabra MelbourneRegistered User regular
    Reserved for future shit! Thanks for tubin', Tube.

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    TallweirdoTallweirdo Registered User regular
    I have taken code number 5 and am looking forward to playing with your balls LaCabra.

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    AtheraalAtheraal Registered User regular
    Took the 6th code, and voted you up on greenlight. I love physics puzzlers, so I'm looking forward to playing this. My sister's probably going to be really into it too, she likes puzzle games but hates being under timed pressure.

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    agoajagoaj Top Tier One FearRegistered User regular
    Snatched the 7th and upvoted on the GL.

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    LaCabraLaCabra MelbourneRegistered User regular
    edited August 2013
    Thanks ya'll.
    Here's something awesome: someone's made up their own wacky achievements.

    LaCabra on
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    donhonkdonhonk Registered User regular
    Haha, I like that guys style.

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    exisexis Registered User regular
    Got a wee bit of playtime with this in at PAX Aus, and definitely came away impressed and keen to see this get through greenlight. The controls were a lot better than I expected. I figured it'd be a bit clunky trying to make reasonably concise movements with a rolling ball, but the actual result was just a really solid sense of momentum that felt really good to navigate around with.

    Also I got kinda stuck on one of the glass house puzzles because I'm dumb and bad at puzzle games :( but I'll forgive you for that.

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    AnakinOUAnakinOU Registered User regular
    I was hoping I could play with a trackball a la Marble Madness, but having bought and played InFlux...it doesn't seem like it would be a good fit. Which is fine! I still like InFlux quite a bit. Great job!
    So...when are you going to make Marble Madness 20XX? ;)

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    LaCabraLaCabra MelbourneRegistered User regular
    Thanks ya'll. <3 We're #44 on Greenlight right now but prone to slippage, plz halp us spread the word if you can.

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    RemingtonRemington Registered User regular
    Joe has gone to bed, because Australia, but guess what!

    We got Greenlit!

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    LaCabraLaCabra MelbourneRegistered User regular
    GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! We're on Steam! Buy us so hard right now.

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    JohnyBGooDJohnyBGooD Registered User new member
    edited November 2013
    The environments are awesome !

    JohnyBGooD on
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