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Win7 - Access denied to files on second drive

My hard drive was going bad, so I bought two new drives: SSD for the OS and some apps, and a regular hard drive for data. I pulled the old drive out, threw the new ones in, reinstalled Windows on the SSD, and everything was good! I created some directories on the HHD, downloaded some files into them and then I rebooted to finish some Windows Update stuff.

When I logged back in, I could not open the directory on the HHD containing my downloaded files. "D:\<path> is not accessible. Access is denied." This has been occurring constantly with the second drive.

Some info:
  • Windows 7 Pro 64bit
  • C: drive is a NEW SSD drive with OS installed on it
  • D: drive is a NEW HHD for data
  • I'm logging in with the user I created on Install. This user is in the Admin group.
  • As far as I can tell, I have no issues with permissions on the SSD
  • Lots of people have this issue with old drives after they upgrade or reinstall -- This is not the case here! Both of these drives are new.

Things I have tried:
  • Granting permissions/access to a group my user is part of
  • Granting permissions/access directly to my user
  • Granting ownership of the directory to a group my user is part of
  • Granting ownership of the directory to my user
  • Doing all of the above to various combinations of the root drive entry, parent directories, etc.
  • Reformatted the drive multiple times -- this fixes the issue for a while, but it returns after a few reboots

Typically granting permissions or taking ownership results in an "access denied" message. I can perform these functions if I log into safe mode.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I'm completely frustrated and confused at this point. I have full access rights and even own the files, but still receive "access denied" errors.


  • DraygoDraygo Registered User regular
    I'd be leaning to problems with the Operating system installation/OS partition. Is there anything funny in the event log?

    reformat the D drive again as NTFS, when you lose access check the event log and see if anything is logged in there under application or system. Then scan through security for denial messages and see where they start.

  • mrflippymrflippy Registered User regular
    Oh hey, thanks for your reply. I forgot to update this. I reinstalled the Intel storage drivers and this problem went away. No idea why the first install didn't work, ugh.

  • DraygoDraygo Registered User regular
    Figures :)

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