Ionage - A steampunk themed space RTS (Android Exclusive)

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Hey all!

Ionage is an Android exclusive, space RTS game where you use giant floating space platforms to do battle in a steampunk themed galactic treasure hunt.

Phew! While I get my breath back you can watch the official trailer:

So what do you actually do?

Play Ionage and you get to:
  • Explore the galaxy at the helm of your fleet of gun-bristling space platforms
  • Discover upgrades to customise your weapons
  • Recruit specialists for your team and use them to give you the edge in battle
  • Synergise your equipment and team to create unbeatable combinations
  • Strategise against ingenious AI which will adapt to your every move
Already convinced? Head over to Google Play to get it for free! (Ionage is supported by IAP)


Need a little more convincing? Here's what I think makes Ionage unique.
  1. Ionage is influenced by tower defence games but with a big difference: you and your enemy are equals, you’re not fighting a stream of unintelligent ‘creeps’. You are battling against an AI with the same weapons as you and who will react to your actions just like a human player.
  2. Ionage is influenced by traditional PC RTS games but with the mechanics distilled down to a form perfect for gaming on the go. Games last 3-5 minutes typically and there is not a long drawn out phase of “base building” like in some RTS. In Ionage the action starts immediately and is more exciting because of it.
  3. Ionage’s standout selling point is its “Adaptive AI”. Months of development have gone into making an intelligent, reactive and most importantly, fun AI to play against who will keep you challenged from your first game until your last.
  4. Ionage has an impressive 40 level campaign that should take you between 8-12 hours to complete once through. However with secondary objectives and a premium hardcore mode for true fans to sink their teeth into, this is one part of the PC RTS experience that has not been compromised on.
  5. Ionage will be maintained and improved over time. Ionage has had an active community ever since the game first went into Alpha at the beginning of 2012. Additional features are already in the works so this is a game you can enjoy for months.

For more information check out the game's official website. If you do check it out then please leave a comment below. I'll certainly be checking back to discuss the game with you.

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