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Pre-PAX Charity Tabletop Event and Dinner - August 29th, 76th floor of Columbia Tower

ReenieReenie Registered User regular
edited August 2013 in PAX West
Who: Hopefully you, along with 249 of your closest friends or soon-to-be friends
What: Pre-PAX gaming party. A night of tabletop gaming, drinking, socializing, and general merriment from the absolute most scenic location in the entire West coast and the swankiest spot in Seattle, with 100% of all proceeds going to Food Lifeline.
When: Thursday, August 29th, 7:30 pm - 2:00 am
Where: Columbia Tower Club, 76th floor, downtown Seattle. Google map directions are available here.
Why: Because you're like us - you like to game. Because you want to kick off PAX in style. Because you'd like a tasty alcoholic beverage and a supplied meal whilst you play your games. Because you're bringing an S/O whom you would like to dazzle with the most stunning views imaginable (or to at least distract them long enough for you to play). Because you're traveling and want to go someplace special. And, most importantly, because you'd like to do all of this whilst supporting a fantastic charity - and getting a tax write-off in the process. That's a lot of wins in one package.

What's included in all ticket levels:
-Up to 249 other people to game with
-A game library that you can borrow from (feel free to BYOG, as well)
-Full (cash) bar access
-Guaranteed seating! We will have more than enough seats for everyone attending, so no waiting to play games.
-A pop-up game store to make acquisitions, if you so choose
-A ticket-based drawing, with prizes including gift cards to many of Seattle's best restaurants, tabletop games - and, oh yes, PAX badges in case you struck out and want to go.
-As all monies spent are going to Food Lifeline, all monies spent are 100% tax deductible
-(Pending final acknowledgement) Representation from the Cookie Brigade, who will be giving away their delectable treats to raise funds for Child's Play

VIP ticket levels also get:
-A swankier plated dinner
-Drink vouchers
-Free drawing tickets
-Private-access gaming rooms, if you so desire
-A bigger tax deduction

For more information, and to link up to buy tickets: (big link at the top that reads "tickets on sale now" that will take you to the ticketing agent).
Direct link to ticket site:

Map of the event in relation to the PAX location:

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Quintious, DawgfatherJr, or Reenie through the forums here.

Reenie on


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Good luck :)

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    (I'm one of the 3 people throwing this thing together).

    So there was about a month of "dead" space that we couldn't move on due to logistical issues I won't get into, just started reaching out to the game companies yesterday. So far, we've acquired commitments from the following companies to provide games to be given away via drawing:

    -Plaid Hat Games
    -Slugfest Games
    -Fantasy Flight Games
    -Steve Jackson Games (I requested a copy of the new 'Ogre' in their care package, we'll see how that goes)
    -Flying Frog Productions
    -Indie Games & Cards

    And these places have agreed to provide demo games:
    -Slugfest Games (I *think* they're sending a pre-release copy of Red Dragon Inn 4 and the new characters, but haven't gotten a definitive answer on that yet)
    -Rio Grande Games
    -Calliope Games (They're bringing a TEN FOOT WIDE TSURO BOARD where the people are the characters!)

    Gonna start working the restaurant connections next.

    BTW, early bird tickets are completely sold out.

    Quintious on
  • LexiconGrrlLexiconGrrl Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    I've been to one of these game nights and want to throw in that they're really, really fantastic. The club is locally famous and is at the top of what was the tallest building in the world when it opened in 1985 by architect Martin Selig. Seattleites used to call it "Selig's Greatest Erection".

    If you're from out of town, you definitely should consider going. The views from the top are AMAZING and you won't get in later without an invitation.

    LexiconGrrl on
    Happily on Sabbatical. Don't bug me.
  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    If you're from out of town, you definitely should consider going. The views from the top are AMAZING and you won't get in later without an invitation.

    She speaks true on this part. If you decide to take a break from PAX to head over there for lunch or dinner at some point, they're won't even let you up the elevator unless you're with a member.

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    Current chef/restaurant backing for the event, who will be providing gift cards and private dining events for the drawing:

    -Tom Douglas (4 time James Beard award winner, including best restauranteur in the world 2012) - valid at all...13 I believe?....restaurants in Seattle (Dahlia Lounge, Lola, Etta's, Tanakasan, Brave Horse, Serious Pie, Dahlia Bakery, et al)
    -John Howie (Awards for best seafood in Seattle; best steak Seattle; 6 time guest chef at James Beard House) - Seastar, John Howie Steak, Sport
    -Thierry Rautureau (2 time James Beard award winner, Top Chef Masters contestant, Top Chef judge, Kitchen Circus creator) - Luc
    -Jason Wilson (James Beard award winner) - Crush
    -Eric Banh (Awards for best Vietnamese in Seattle) - Monsoon/Monsoon East
    -Ethan Stowell (4 time James Beard award nominee; 10 hottest rising chef award) - Ethan Stowell restaurants - Anchovies & Olives, How to Cook a Wolf, Tavolata, Staple & Fancy, Rione XIII
    -Columbia Tower Club (where the event is being hosted)
    -Belltown Pub
    -Julia's on Broadway

    (More to follow, this is just the initial batch of responses)

    Quintious on
  • CtrlAltDftCtrlAltDft Luis Registered User regular
    Any age restrictions for this event? Is it 21+?

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I'm not the organizer, but I feel like at least one version of the draft for this post that I saw (during the approval process) listed it as 21+. It may be an accidental omission.

  • ReenieReenie Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    Yes, it is a 21+ event, per the event website and the ticket sales site. Sorry, kids!

    Reenie on
  • PliskinPliskin Registered User new member
    Would have loved to come, sadly I won't be getting into Seatac till about 11 :(

  • DeciusDecius I'm old! I'm fat! I'M BLUE!Registered User regular
    Is there a dress code for this event?

    I never finish anyth
  • ReenieReenie Registered User regular
    Yes, there is a dress code - though they are allowing cosplay! You can find out the details in the event FAQ.

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    Updates to game developers on board, including a special notation for Calliope, who is bringing a giant Tsuro board where people are the game pieces.

  • DawgfatherJrDawgfatherJr Registered User regular
    We received our first game donation today. Plaid Hat Games sent us copy of City of Remnants and 2 copies of Summoner Wars. Folks, y'all can win these!

    No fewer than 7 game companies have pledged to send us stuff. Attendees will have a VERY good chance of winning something.

  • GrimWulfGrimWulf Registered User regular
    How's the head count coming?

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    It's coming along. We've only got about 10 tier I tickets left, then the price jumps for tier II. So anybody on the fence, this would be about the time to figure it out. Think there are like 6 VIP tickets left total.

    Quintious on
  • LackeyLackey [E] PAX Tabletop Tournaments Registered User regular
    If I ever stopped Enforcing, this is where I would be on Thursday pre-PAX, without a doubt.

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    Rio Grande Games:

    -Spin Monkeys
    -Cinque Terre
    -Puerto Rico
    -Those Pesky Garden Gnomes
    -Lost Cities

    (they have a sticker on them that I have to inquire further on)

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    Steve Jackson Games:

    -Munchkin 3
    -Munhckin 4
    -Munchkin Cthulhu
    -Munchkin Cthulhu 2
    -Munchkin Bites
    -Munchkin Impossible
    -Munchkin Zombies
    -Star Munchkin

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular

    -Love Letter
    -(There's apparently a copy or 2 of Smash Up incoming, but have not received)

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular

    -Save Doctor Lucky
    -(Also apparently a second package that will come at some point, but no tracking as yet)

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    Nuance Communications:

    -Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Professional, English edition ( - this is like a $600 piece of software. Someone's leaving with it)

    Quintious on
  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    Chef Jason Wilson, owner of Crush:

    - (2)$50 gift cards to Crush

    Quintious on
  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    Donated by the "Quintious is Awesome" Foundation:

    -PAX badge (Friday)
    -PAX badge (Saturday)
    -PAX badge (Sunday)
    -PAX badge (Monday)

    Also, one of Quintious's alternate personalities was whispering something about giving a couple of badges away to whomever has the best cosplay action at this thing, given that this will undoubtedly be the FIRST time *anybody* has been in a costume at the CTC, and that's just amusing as hell to me.

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    Only 2 tier 1 tickets left. Price goes up to $45 once those are gone.

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    Tier 1 is officially completely sold out. It's tier 2 the rest of the way.

    Only a handful of VIP tickets left, as well. I'm hoping to have a better idea of including some kind of swag bag by the end of the week, but have nothing definitive yet.

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    Care package arrived from GMT games today. Going into the drawing pool:

    -Dominant Species (2)
    -Command & Colours Ancients (2)
    -Dominant Species Card Game ()

    Quintious on
  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    John Howie, owner of Seastar, Seastar Bellevue, John Howie Steak, Sport Restaurant & Bar (and likely the biggest philanthropist on the Seattle food scene):

    -(2) $50 gift cards to Seastar
    -(2) $50 gift cards to John Howie Steak
    -(1) $50 gift card to Sport Restaurant & Bar
    -(1) Autographed copy of Passion & Palate (

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    Julia's on Broadway (Capitol Hill)

    -2 VIP tickets to "Le Faux". Apparently it's Seattle's best drag show. You KNOW you wanna go to a drag show cosplayed as a video game character. Admit it. I've not had opportunity to see it, but I'm told it's quite fabulous (ba dum cha). These will be given away as a single prize rather than split up like the games and other gift cards.

    Quintious on
  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    edited August 2013

    $50 gift card (well, 2x$25)

    Quintious on
  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    Cupcake Royale:

    Stuff your face certificate. A dozen cupcakes of your choosing + a pint of ice cream ($50 value)

  • DawgfatherJrDawgfatherJr Registered User regular
    Sci-fi author Hugh Howey has generously donated 25 signed copies of Wool to us. We will be giving them away in the VIP swag bags, but it's likely that there will be a few left over for the general drawing.

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    OK, so it's time to start discussing swag bags a little. These will be given out in the VIP bags (as mentioned a post above). They are in an ever-evolving (and by evolving I mean getting more stuffed) state, but for right now they are at least going to include the following:

    -The previously mentioned signed book from Hugh Howey
    -Gift cards and certificates to local area restaurants
    -Every swag bag will have a tabletop game in it. So, VIP ticket holder = GUARANTEED to be leaving with a game
    -Tickets to either local productions or some sort of entertainment/relaxation...thing.
    -As was already known, each one will also contain tickets for free booze at the event itself, as well as some drawing tickets for the larger giveaway pool.

    And of course, the VIP level still has the better dinner options, the private rooms, so on and so forth.

    So yeah....they cost more than the normal ones, but you're getting quite a bit with them, too.

    Quintious on
  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    Care package from Indie Boards and Cards arrived today. Going into the drawing pool are 18 more items:

    -The Resistance (6)
    -Gauntlet of Fools (6)
    -Flash Point (6)

    Quintious on
  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    A truckload more items, added to the drawing pool, courtesy Slugfest Games:

    -Red Dragin Inn 2 (2)
    -Red Dragon Inn 3 (2)
    -Erin The Everchanging (4)
    -Pooky the Vicious (4)
    -Gambling? I'm In! (3)

    Quintious on
  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    Courtesy Columbia Tower Club:

    -Non-member admission & dinner (I believe for 2 - I need to verify).

    For those keeping score in the home game, we're now over four thousand dollars worth of stuff we're giving away on the 29th.

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    Courtesy Ivar's:

    -$50 gift card valid at either their walk-up locations or their formal sit-down waterfront dining.

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular

    -Apples to Apples Party Box

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    Donated NSKN:

    -Wild Fun West (2)
    -Warriors & Traders (2)

  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular

    So a few days back we had upped the available VIP tickets from 10 to 30 due to demand once the swag bag contents started getting announced. As of right now, we have the following ticket quantities available:

    General Admission: 45 tickets
    VIP: 12 tickets

    At our current rate of sales (steadily inclining over the last 10 days or so as awareness of the event has risen), these will be gone by the weekend. We're space limited by fire code, so unless we get additional capacity, what's left is going to be what's left. We're talking with the Tower Club about getting us some more space to increase capacity, but I wouldn't bet on it. So if you've been on the fence or holding out a purchase on these, you're coming up on last call to get in if you want em.

  • LexiconGrrlLexiconGrrl Registered User regular
    @Quintious - I just wanted to step in here and say that this event is really getting impressive, and you guys have clearly done a ton of legwork to make it super awesome. Despite the rocky start, it's shaping up to be a great event. Thanks for putting it on!

    Happily on Sabbatical. Don't bug me.
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