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Arinya's Sketch of the Day



  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    09/09 - Sketch #115

    My wife requested I do Sanrio characters this week but I figured that's too easy. So I'm gonna do a Mash Up of Sanrio vs X-Men. So here's Chi-Chai-Monchan and Nightcrawler! Lemme know if you have a request.


    I really liked the Magicarp sketch. I'd like to see some of your finished work. Do you ink or color your stuff? Definitely start working on that comic or put it online for us to appreciate. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks! Yeah I was really happy how he turned out. I have some some finished pieces. I just bought a Bamboo tablet that I've been doodling on and the first two pages of my comic book done. I'll hopefully get alot more done in the next couple of months! Thanks for the encouraging words.

  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    09/10 - Sketch #116

    and X-Men mash up week and today is Charmmy Kitty vs Rogue! I was always found it abit disturbing that Hello Kitty had her own pet cat.


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    09/11 - Sketch #117

    Little Twin Stars, Kiki and Lala vs Colossus and Magik! This was tough. Sanrio characters are so simple I hope that you can still see the character in the design.


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    09/12 - Sketch #118

    Nyago vs Wolverine!
    The alarm clock will always lose! Seriously, who would dare wake up this guy? So cute and so deadly!


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    09/13 - Sketch #119

    And Dear Daniel & Hellow Kitty vs Cyclops & Jean Grey bring the Sanrio week to a close! I forgot how much Marvel loved them some pouches and belts in the 90s! This was as really fun theme. I think I'm going to do some actual finished pieces with this theme.


  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    How long are you spending on these? I always want to come in and give you some crits, but its hard to get a good grip on your skills with these sketches. Some of the things I might say, I would probably not if I found out these were all like 15 minutes.

  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    edited September 2013
    @Iruka I take about 30 minutes on these at work while I'm waiting on stuff to render or during my lunch break. But I don't mind the critique. That's why I'm doing this. I'm trying to exercise my old drawing muscles.

    Now, I had such a great response from this theme on my Instagram account and on another forum where I post these, that I plan to make some black and white full finished pieces. Maybe some commissions as well. I'll post them on here and you guys can give me all your lovely feedback on those as well. =)

    arinya on
  • ZappitZappit Registered User regular
    By any chance, have you ever done custom vinyl figures? These have a real Kidrobot vibe to them.

  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    edited September 2013
    09/14 - Sketch #120

    Saturday night I did one more sketches because it was such a cool idea! My Melody vs Dazzler! Bonus sketch!


    09/16 - Sketch #1221

    Doing last weeks Sanrio and X-Men mash-up I was reminded that the X-Men have gone through so many costume changes! So this week I'm going to explores of the Cyclops' costumes through out the years. Naturally I'm going to start with his original 1960s costume.


    @Zappit : No I have not but mad I'd love to! I'd buy them up in a sec too!

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  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    09/17 - Sketch #121

    Poor Cyclops. I've always felt he was a constant victim of bad costume design. In his Age of Apocalypse costume Marvel decided to give him a one-eyed visor with built in croissant shaped blue tooth headset and in bright yellow! But most importantly they gave him Lorenzo Lamas lovely long hair and stubble. Oh 90s...you gave us so many memories.


  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    Okay! Had a little time to draw over something!

    So first of all, you have some good flow, and for 30 minutes, I think these are pretty cool drawings. The main reason I asked about time is because one of the things I would have said is that it seems like, in places, you are rushing. But, given that these are all in a fairly set amount of time, that makes sense. You should try and set aside some time on the weekend to maybe sit down for an hour, and see if the extra time and the lack of pressure changes how you approach the drawing.

    But outside of that, I have two major crits: Line and shape.

    For shape, I notice that while you actually have a pretty good sense of structure, you seem to just flat out ignore it when you get to certain parts of the drawing. Like on scrooge up there, his eye is way out there, and it doesn't quite visually jive with the rest of the form. I cant tell if you are doing much preliminary drawing underneath, but if you aren't, you should try roughing out your forms and trying to really think out the 3d forms of you character. check out this thread for some ideas:

    For line, I am actually not the best to advise you, but I will say you seem to suffer from a bit of the "thicker lines on the outside" syndrome that is not really what you want. Try to emphasize heavier forms and curves with thicker lines, pulling things in the foreground up and pushing other details back. This tutorial explains it much better:

    You may want to also try a marker, because your pencil lines are kind of scratchy, I assume from trying to get a nice thick outline.

    Hope that helps!

  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    edited September 2013
    09/18 - Sketch #122

    So at some point in the 70s Cyclops pretended to be a supervillain called Eric the Red. That's pretty much all I know about it. That and this crazy S&M outfit Marvel designed for ol' Scot Summers to be evil in. Oh and Kirby Krackle!!!


    @Iruka Woah! Thanks for the advice. Yeah I know I need to work on shape and anatomy. The good thing is that I notice it in these sketches. The bad thing is I notice only after I'm done. But thanks again! As for the lines. I like the heavy outline but I understand what you are saying I'll try and break the habit of doing that with these sketches. You'll notice I tried to hold back in today's sketch! I'll be posting some finished work in the future and I'll keep your great advice in mind. Thanks again!

    arinya on
  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    09/19 - Sketch #123

    I started reading X-Men when Jim Lee and Chris Claremont took over the book in the early 90s. It was the best! Still some of my favorite books to read and the Cyclops costume I'm most fond of. I don't know how much influence Jim Lee had the design it but I'd like to think he helped come up with it.


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    09/20 - Sketch #124

    I actually really like the new Cyclops costume. Sure he looks alot like Racer X but honestly who cares about Racer X. The costumes works really well with the current character. You don't know if he's an ally or a possible threat.


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    Hola. Been drawing for several months now almost everyday in my sketch pad. Wife got me a Bamboo tablet and Manga Studio 5 for our anniversary. This is my digital piece that will be a short set of 3 drawings. The set is based off a theme I came up with for my weekly sketch. A mash up of Sanrio and X-men characters. The subject here is Nyago the cat and Wolverine.

    Drawing on the tablet has been a challenge. I have a hard time keeping my lines smooth. Especially long strokes with a curve. Also struggling with shadows and reflections. I'm close to done with this piece but want to go back and clean it up some. I think I have figured out a good technique and the stroke sizes I should be using the next pieces. But let me know what else I could work on as I try to polish this one up and move onto the other two of the series I want to draw digitally. Thanks!


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    09/23 - Sketch #125

    This week I'm gonna study faces and emotions. Since Breaking Bad is ending I'm using their characters as practice. Today is determination. Uncle Hank here looks really determined. No matter what challenges he may face he is determined to fulfill his purpose. All the way to the bitter end!


  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    Merged your two threads, we try to only have one active thread for each individual poster to remove clutter.

  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    09/24 - Sketch #127

    Today is brought to you by the emotion excitement. Tuco here is one excited guy. Tight, tight, tight!


    @Iraku - Thanks?

  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    09/25 - Sketch #128

    Today is brought to you by the emotion confidence. Saul Goodman! Here's a guy that you can rely on and can confidently delivery. Got any problem...just call Saul!


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    09/26 - Sketch #129

    FEAR! You know know like when you've been home all morning playing video games when you knew you were supposed to vacuum the house and clean the dishes! Then....you hear your wife putting the keys into the front door...! GASP! MAGNETS YO!!!


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    09/29 - Sketch #130

    Sometimes you have no idea what a person is feeling or thinking! Or you just don't understand what's going on inside there...sad to see it's all over now. Mr. White, we'll miss you. Anyone else watch Breaking Bad? What did you think of the ending?


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    09/30 - Sketch #131

    week! Tygra! I liked him. Dunno if it was his cool do or what but I def didn't like his silly looking bolo whip. I didn't have time to sketch yesterday at work so I did this drawing at home for about an hour and do a cool pose. I like having more time to do these.


    10/01 - Sketch #132

    At first I used to think he was some kinda bat or troll. Of course later I realized he was a old panther-like Thunderian. But NUNCHUCKS so who cares! Seriously he's designed always kinda bugged me and didn't go with the rest of the guys.


  • SpaceMooseSpaceMoose Registered User regular
    I like the Tygra one but the Panthro one seems off somewhat on the face. Also I think Panthro had cat claws or something on the ends of his nunchucks. All in all though lookin good!

  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    10/02 - Sketch #133

    Snarf! A weird cat/dragon creature that I used to think was Lion-Os pet. But turns out was more like his nanny until he out grew poor ol Snarf.


    @SpaceMoose - I know! But I ran out of time and just finished them off with no scratch-paws. LOL.

  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    10/03 - Sketch #134

    She was rawkin that 80s hair in her one piece and fierce bo-staff skills!


    arinya on
  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    10/04 - Sketch #135

    Everyone say it with me...Thunder...Thunder...Thundercats—HOOOOOOOOO!!!!! What up Lion-O!


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    10/09 - Sketch #136

    Been on vacation and I have not had time to sketch! I had time on the plane. Pandas are awesome!


    10/14 - Sketch #137

    Little Mermaid
    week! Le...pois...son! Le poisson! He-he-he! Ho-ho-ho! Don't act like you don't know the words!


    @rulerofthisuniverse: Thanks!

    @scorpion2501: Thanks!

  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    10/15 - Sketch #138

    Poor unfortunate souls! Ursula was such a great villain!


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    10/17 - Sketch #139

    Been so busy I don't have time to draw or post! Any who. This last scene from Little Mermaid always stuck in my head. It was pretty hilarious was I was little and still gets a chuckle from me. Girls are dumb!


    10/22 - Sketch #140

    I didn't even realize that Arkham Orgins comes out this week! So it's Batman week! I give you Deathstroke! This character always seem odd to me. A one eyed assassin? No thanks. But maybe I should check him out. Personally I'm tired of the tactical armor look. All the villains are starting to look the same in video games.


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    10/23 - Sketch #141

    So Black Mask is a mobster that is one of the main villains in the new Arkham Origins game. I didn't know about this character until I watched him in Under the Red Hood cartoon. What's with the mask? Is it his face or is it a mask?


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    10/25 - Sketch #142

    I almost have no time to even sketch! Any way here's my first attempt at Nightwing. I think the most appealing thing about drawing this character is his bo staff skills and is emo hair cut.


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    10/28 - Sketch #143

    This week's theme is jobs. Even superheroes have to pay the bills. I wonder how many chairs and keyboards ol Clark Kent goes through in a week if he's not careful?


  • Gunther HermannGunther Hermann Registered User regular
    You've got some great dedication to these. Have you drawn them from reference?

  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    10/29 - Sketch #144

    Do newspapers still hire photographers? Feels like Peter Parker needs to stick to science and leave the whole photographer thing as a side gig.


    @Gunther Hermann
    Thanks! I have 221 more to go so I don't wanna get too behind. Seriously I love it and it's help me little by little to get back into drawing. I use some kind of reference for pretty much all of them. I only draw the exact reference if I want a specific scene or likeness like with the Breaking Bad or Little Mermaid sketches.

  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    10/30 - Sketch #145

    Things will go boom at work but it's always important to keep your cool. Sucks if you're Bruce Banner.


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    10/31 - Sketch #146

    Good ol' Matt Murdock! Still fighting crime even when he hangs up his horns and puts on a tie!


    arinya on
  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    11/01 - Sketch #147

    Ya know it must be tough to be Batman and then CEO of Wayne Enterprises. But I got a feeling Bruce Wayne can handle it.


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    11/04 - Sketch #148

    Thor week! Anyone been reading the Aaron and Ribic current run of Thor? So good! But Jack Kirby's original version of Thor will always be my favorite.


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    11/05 - Sketch #149

    Learned about something new today! Throg! So apparently This guy called Simon Walterson, good samaritan, lost his wife and went into Central Park to consult fortune tellers, like you do, to help him find his wife. He has no money to pay the guys so they curse him! He turns into a frog smack in the middle of a war between the frogs and rats happening in the park! Jeez, New York is terrible! One of the hero frogs turns out to be Thor. When Thor leaves a small fragment of his hammer came off but Simon was able to lift it and so became Throg! I know what I'll be search for at my comic store this weekend!


    arinya on
  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    11/06 - Sketch #150

    Oh 90s. Thunderstike is an example of why I stopped reading comics in the 90s. There were so many bad clinches and Thor was not immune to them. Ponytail, goatee, sleeveless leather jacket (why?) and of course.....CHAINS!


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