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Arinya's Sketch of the Day



  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    11/07 - Sketch #151

    Well Loki tricked me into thinking I could do a quick sketch in 30 mintues...I was wrong. Had a hard time getting him to look right and then his crazy costume in the movie is crazy with details that I love! Seriously they did a great job with their costumes in the movie. Really looking forward to see the new one this weekend.


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    11/08 - Sketch #152

    Chris Hemsworth
    plays a perfect Thor. Him and his mighty nostrils! I do hope the movie is as good as the first one.


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    11/12 - Sketch #153

    This week's theme is about our childhoods. So how many of you grew up with Mario, Pokemon and Nintendo as one of your best friends?


    11/13 - Sketch #154

    Raise your hand if you were cursed having to wear cokebottle glasses as a little kid. I was blind as a bat...still am! Extra points if you used a towel as a cape while you played with your ninja turtle toys!


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    11/14 - Sketch #154

    Raise your hands if you defiantly did go to bed when you were told and stayed up all night playing your Gameboy Advance. Extra points for Superman underoos!


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    11/15 - Sketch #155

    Don't lie. You loved Care Bears growing up. Which one was your favorite?


  • MabelmaMabelma Registered User regular
    This is a great project mate, keep it up. What paper are you using for these?

    Have some time, check out my blog
  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    11/18 - Sketch #157

    This week is all about the Heavy Hitters! I love Thing. He's got an awesome look! He's a ton of fun to draw...pun intended!


    @Mabelm - Thanks for the encouragement. As for the paper...I'm drawing these in a journal my wife bought me. Seems to work great. Doesn't smudge much and can take alot of erasing. Thank God. LOL.

  • MabelmaMabelma Registered User regular
    So awesome mate, keep it up! For some reason the text on the paper makes it feel like a diary of drawings and kinda adds to the charm of the sketches, I dig it :)

    Have some time, check out my blog
  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    11/19 - Sketch #158

    You kinda forget that this guy can go toe to toe with Superman! Def a heavy hitter and alot of fun to draw as well. Fun pet dog and rad 80s metal hair!!!


    @Mabelma - Diary. Journal. Pretty much the same thing. Thanks for stopping by. Got 207 sketches to go!

  • MabelmaMabelma Registered User regular
    Best of luck mate.

    Have some time, check out my blog
  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    11/20 - Sketch #159

    Everyone's favorite mutant ruskie! Colossus! I need to read some good Colossus story. Anyone have any recommendations?


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    11/21 - Sketch #160

    seen here having some "me time".


    11/22 - Sketch #161

    and I feel the same way when ever we successfully remove the wrapper from a tasty cupcakes without destroying it.


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    11/25 - Sketch #162

    Sailor Moon
    week! Starting it off with Sailor Venus and Artemis. I was trying a something different with the eyes and the face. Was looking at some old Travis Charest artwork. But fail miserably. I was trying to eat too.... XD


    11/26 - Sketch #163

    Sailor Jupiter.
    Honestly I don't know alot about the series. I watched some episodes when I was young but they were always out of order and it was hard to follow the stories so I didn't keep up with them. I guess Jupiter is the tomboy of the group? Also went back to my old style. Feels much better.


    arinya on
  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    11/27 - Sketch #164

    Here's Sailor Mercury showing off her water powers. These girls are hard to distinguish without color.


    11/30 - Sketch #165

    Busy week. I wanted to end with Sailor Moon but not miss doing Tuxedo Mask so there they are both.

    12/02 - Sketch #166

    80s Sci Fi week! Back to the Future
    is still hands down the best time travel movie. I don't care how may plot holes are in it! It's simple and fun!

  • LightrailLightrail Registered User new member
    I'm really digging the Mercury and Jupiter sketches you have there. You gave them a nice sense of energy, despite being portraits. I'm also enjoying your that Juggernaut and Lobo, probably my favorite expressions out of the ones you have here.

    I noticed that in some of your portraits, the character's with 3/4 angles have some proportion issues. In your Back to the Future sketch for instance, there's a lot of room between Marty's facial features and the side of his head. On your Sailor Jupiter, it looks like her mouth wraps around her head. At that angle, her mouth should be in roughly the same position as you drew Colossus where you can still see some skin beside her mouth.

  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    12/03 - Sketch #167

    was the nightmare fuel of my childhood. You all might be too young to truly appreciate this movie. There was nothing like it and then everyone tried to imitate it. I could not sleep for days after watching this. I snuck in to our living room one night when family and friends where watching it. I was curled up in a ball in a corner around the couch. On top of that I was sick. So the terror had a nauseating effect on me. 80s! Good times!


    @Lightrail - Thanks. I hate it when I draw something that looks stale so I try to add energy to the sketch with posing and perspective. Glad to see it's working. As for the angles, I tend to shove the faces into a corner when I'm drawing people. I tend to draw really small which doesn't help. I must of erased Jupiter's face and forgot to draw it back in. Thanks for the pointers!

    arinya on
  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    12/04 - Sketch #168

    It's been really hectic at work plus ice storm so I didn't get a chance to post this or sketch but here's my weak attempt at TRON. The original movie. I watched it alot when I was little. Nothing like it at the time. Watching it again recently before the reboot I gotta say...it doesn't hold up too well. Still fond of it though.


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    Someone asked if I had anything finished. I sketch alot but I never do a finished piece. Well because of the ice storm I was stuck at home for almost 3 days with no power! No TV or internet so I had time to draw with no distractions. I thought about interesting faces and William Dafoe came to mind. I thought I'd do something from Spider-Man but then I came across a pic of him in The Boondock Saints. Never seen the movie but Dafoe looks so awesome! He's got such a great face and he's not afraid to contort it into all these moods. Any way here's what I did in about an hour.

    Had a really hard time with the eyes. They are still abit off! Partly getting used to drawing on my sketch pad on the coach instead of on my desk. It was way too cold in my office to draw. Have no power really sucks!


    arinya on
  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    Not dead...just really busy. Still trying to fit in some sketches.

    12/10 - Sketch #169

    This week was about memorable alien creatures. Stitch is one of my favorite alien creatures. He's blue, mean, distugsting and the most adorable thing in the galaxy. Oh and he can rock out.


    12/11 - Sketch #170

    Let the Wookie! Always let the Wookie win.


    12/12 - Sketch #171

    I was pretty much obsessed with the Predator character when I was a kid. There really hasn't been another character like him. Awesome creature design.


    12/14 - Sketch #172

    No one can resist the power of the SELFIE! Not even Yoda!


    12/18 - Sketch #173

    SPOILER ALERT I guess! Saw the Hobbit yet? One of the most hilarious parts was when Bombur Super Mario style Star-Power Up and stops all the Orcs. But it doesn't end there! Then he turns into Mega-Bombur! Loved it!


    arinya on
  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    12/23 - Sketch #174

    It's Mary Poppins week. I watched the movie for the first time with adult eyes and I must say that it's pretty profound for a kid's movie.

    I always liked the look of Mr. Banks. Lot's of pride in everything he did. He was so concerned to take care of his family but he stopped caring for his children where it mattered. Very straight forward lesson but then Bert the chimney sweep describes Mr. Banks as living a cage he's made himself and he's always looking out of his kids but who's looking out for him? The movie paints a man trying to live his life as confident as he can but really he's afraid he may not be. Mr. Banks...he needs a hug.


    12/24 - Sketch #175

    Bert was Mary Poppins' good friend and always seemed to be there for the children when they needed him. I remembered on one occasion watching the movie as a child I realized that Bert was poor. While the kids ran to their warm home out of the rain Bert skipped off into the park. Where did he go? Did have somewhere to go? Despite the clear social and economical differences between him and most of the other characters he seemed the happiest. Enjoying life and the simple things that turns out are the most important. Friendship and kindness to others.


    12/26 - Sketch #176

    Bird Lady and her song became one of my favorites. When I was little I thought the song really was about feeding birds. Now I realize the lessons ol Marry Poppins was teaching the children. Even poor people have their dignity. By buying crumbs to feed the birds they are also helping poor. * tear *


    12/29 - Sketch #177

    Miss Practically Perfect herself. Mary Poppins was one of my favorite movies to watch as a kid. I tried a different style here but didn't turn out so well. Stick with what ya know I guess.


    01/06 - Sketch #178

    Dunno if there are any Downton Abbey fans here but this weeks is all about the nosey but often kind hearted people of Downton Abbey. For example Mr. Carson. A big grump but with a heart of grumpy gold. I love scenes when he's on the phone. He looks so weird. Like watching a Dog walk up right on two legs. Just weird yet amusing.


    01/07 - Sketch #179

    Thomas Barrow in anguish always waiting in the back of the scene for the opportunity to spread his misery onto others.


    01/08 - Sketch #180

    I didn't really like Matthew at first. He was winey and frankly abit pathetic. But I started to feel sorry for the guy and then we went to war and came back a man. Like you do. Here he is at his happiest. Got the girl, got his legs back and was now a father...well time to kill him off! >=)


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    Woah...I got really behind with my posts...if you care here are my sketches.

    01/10 - Sketch #181

    Well with Matthew dead it looks like we may have the cold hearted Mary back at Downton Abbey!

    01/13 - Sketch #182

    Here's what I imagined as a little kid the fight with Mario and Bowser was really like!

    01/14- Sketch #183

    This is how intense those 8-bit battle with Pit in Kid Icarus seemed like in my imagination.

    01/15 - Sketch #184

    I always wondered...how did Mega Man upgrade his arm canon with the weapon of the bosses you'd take out at the end of the levels. Channeling some Robocop in this one. Murphy it's you !

    01/16 - Sketch #185

    Didn't matter what level your character was or good your weapon or armor was. You'd always be surprised by the Slimes in Dragon Warrior when every you'd encounter them.

    01/17 - Sketch #186

    The epic battle between Link and Ganon in 8-bit Legend of Zelda...or at least how my child brain recalled it.

    01/20 - Sketch #187

    Any Sherlock fans here? Then you'd know that Mycroft is a sly devil prepared for those rainy days.

    01/21 - Sketch #189

    Oops! Opened my book to the wrong page for today's sketch! Anyway! When I first say this version of Moriarty I was kinda underwhelmed. He looked like a punk rich kid with a bad english accent. But as his personally started to animate I started to realized that the guy was completely insane.

    01/23 - Sketch #188

    Sad old John Watson is probably my favorite character of the series over Sherlock in fact. He's broken but his loyalty to Sherlock makes him whole. You can't tell if he is joyous, angry or confused when he is reunited with him. Martin Freeman is so underrated as an actor.

  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    01/23 - Sketch #188

    Last Sunday Sherlock Holmes showed us how to properly kiss a woman.

    1. Jump in through window.

    2. Flip coat.

    3. Tussle hair.

    4. Kiss her instensly.

    5. She will love it.


  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    Been doing some finished pencils drawings. Here are some of the ones I'm pretty proud of I'd like to share. I have them all at my portfolio site.

    Weapon X is one of those stories very near and dear to my heart.

    Who doesn't love some TMNT? I was in a rush and messed up the background in this one.

  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    @Sukie Woodhams‌ Thanks! I do love me some details! Sometimes I feel like it get lost in the weeds about it and miss other things. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • arinyaarinya Registered User regular
    Just wanted to share a new drawing and a time-lapse of the new female Thor.



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