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Kickstarting a game about teaching games: Would love some feedback! [Not advertising]

ArguasArguas Registered User new member
Hey everyone at Penny Arcade! My teammates and I are huge fans of Extra Credits and are looking to be able to gain a foothold in the indie games community. We are in the process of building a kickstarter, and would love some feedback about some things we can do to improve it without unveiling the product yet.

We are working on an independent game with the idea of using it to help teach people how to make video games. We have been working on it for a while, and in many cases, have recorded our development sessions. We want to kickstart it, but with a twist. We want to use the experiences we've gained to help people learn to make games. We also want to make sure that we have rewards that match what people want to know and learn about.

We hope to that we can provide rewards such as textbook-like documentation, written and video tutorials, and live videos where people can ask questions while we work. We want to tailor and edit the content with specific tutorials requested by backers interested in doing more programming (Or art, or design, we’re trying to do this for all different parts of game development!), but we also think that if there are some things people struggle with while trying to get started with game development, so a lot of our content can also focus on that type of information. But that’s why I’m here! We want to connect and ask potential customers and people already in these fields their opinions on these matters.

Yes, I know that the rules exist and say not to post without a prototype build up. We have one, but would rather include it in the kickstarter when we are ready, and that's what we want to get feedback on first.

TL;DR: Do you or someone you have interest in game development, but don't know where to start? What would you like to see for something like that for rewards in a kickstarter? I’d love feedback on the topic!

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