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Anniversary celebration ideas (In New Jersey)

LankyseanLankysean Registered User regular
My wife and I's anniversary is coming up in about a week and we're looking for something to do. We live in central New Jersey and would like something semi-romantic or fun. Money isn't too much of option but if we could keep it under a few hundred bucks that'd be cool, oh and we'd rather stay away from Manhattan. I already got her a present, so we're mainly looking for an activity such as a fancy restaurant or whatever. As for food we like Mexican, Korean, Japanese, and stake houses. Maybe there is something near/on a river or beach with a good view... or are there any roof top style restaurants like you see in the movies?


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    MaguanoMaguano Registered User regular
    Roof-style with ocean view? you can try the watermark in Asbury Park (great drinks, food is pretty good too). Probably better off staying at a bed and breakfast in Spring Lake or one of the other towns south of there and taking a cab. I believe there are a couple roof top places in Long Branch, but not sure how romantic they might be, since Monmouth University will be back in session soon. You can also look at this. I've been to most of the places on the list so feel free to PM if you have any questions. There are some good places in New Brunswick as well (not sure where in central NJ you are)

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    LankyseanLankysean Registered User regular
    Those look pretty nice, we are fairly close to brunswick so any suggestions there would be good. Thanks for your help!

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    mtsmts Dr. Robot King Registered User regular
    You could always head up to new Paltz and stay at the Mohonk mountain house if outdoors is your thing.

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    grouch993grouch993 Both a man and a numberRegistered User regular
    I have in the past scheduled planetarium, zoo, history or art museums, architectural tours, and a bunch of other types of anniversary events. The latter ones were trips that cost a little more. Sorry, not familiar with your area so nothing specific to suggest.

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    LankyseanLankysean Registered User regular
    Planetarium could actually be cool, I'll ask her when she gets home from work. We aren't really out doors people but thanks for the suggestion. We are thinking about hitting up the place we got married, we were going to save that for our first year marital anniversary (because apparently you accumulate anniversary's not overwrite them).

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