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Lunar/Grandia/Ace Attorney composer performing at Japan Expo California 8/23-8/25

XiaNaphryzXiaNaphryz Registered User regular
Japan Expo is in Santa Clara (near San Jose) from 8/23 - 8/25.

Noriyuki Iwadare is a composer who is best known for his work in video game music, particularly the unforgettable music of the games Lunar, Grandia and Phoenix Wright, but also Ace Attorney the upcoming game of CAPCOM that we are so looking forward to see!

Originally from Nagano Prefecture, Noriyuki Iwadare taught himself music and composing at a young age, and became active in video game music in the early 90’s. His first hit was the score for Lunar: the Silver Star, for which he won an award for Best Game Music in the Japanese Game Music Awards.

His next awards for Best Game music came from his work on Grandia in 1997, followed by his work on Grandia II in 2000. You may also be familiar with his work on games such as Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Kid Icarus: Uprising and of course, Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney.

Not content to limit himself to only video games, Mr. Iwadare has also composed and arranged music for TV, radio and the stage. You may have also heard his work at Tokyo Disney Resort and DisneySea, for whom he has composed and arranged pieces for a number of events and attractions! He was a special guest at the 11th French Japan Expo that was held on July 2010 in Paris, France.

We will have the honor to have him play live on Friday 8/23 and Sunday 8/25. On Friday, he will be doing panels with Mr. Tatsuro Iwamoto (art director for Capcom's Ace Attorney series). He will be signing autographs on Friday and Sunday and he will be doing panels on Sunday!
Ladies and Gentlemen! We give you the opportunity to choose the songs that Noriyuki Iwadare will play during his concert!

Please select 5 songs in the following list, and he will use your choices!

You have until Friday 8/16 at 12pm to give us the list of your 5 favorite songs!

Doesn't seem like it'll be too long of a concert if its only a 5 track set, unless he's planning to do more stuff as well as the voted 5.




  • ArchsorcererArchsorcerer Registered User regular
    I just saw this. I love the Grandia 2 music. :)

    XBL - ArchSilversmith

    "We have years of struggle ahead, mostly within ourselves." - Made in USA
  • blaze_zeroblaze_zero Registered User regular
    He's easily my favorite composer. Too bad I live way too far away.

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