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Unofficial appreciation thread for "Gift a game to an Australian day"

Joos2000Joos2000 Registered User regular
edited August 2013 in Games and Technology
Hi guys,

First post ever here, however, it is a good one. First of all, as you may suspect, I am indeed Australian, living in Melbourne and currently enjoying the full extent of the cultural capital of Australia's flexible (read: shit) weather at the moment. Therefore, I am delighted to forward lots of love to several people who has taken pity on us ex-colonials and our plight at the end of a greedy local and overseas retail industry who thinks Aussies (and our dear sheepshagging brothers and sisters in NZ) like to be buggered up the bum. Particularly in regards to games.

Therefore, I would like to thank the guys behind Loading Ready Run for inventing this marvellous day of note. If not for you guys, I would have to chose between getting FC3: Blood Dragon or nutritious food for the month. Now, I can get both! Huzza!

Below is a list of my personal benefactors, who all deserve a lot of praise:

CWTyger, you handsome devil, your donation will be much enjoyed over the coming cold winter days! Thanks a bunch!

Zzombie13, you are my favourite zombie right now and your Halo comic rocks. Well done and thank you!

MGreyson, your gift will probably last me an eternity with it's replay value. Your generosity knows few bounds, as my gratitude.

Eyebrows, clearly a man of distinction gifted an eternal classic that would sit proudly in anyone's game library. Thanks a lot mate!

Scrawful, thank you so much for your gift, lots of love your way big guy. You're not as bad as your forum handle indicates, not by a long shot. Cheers!

saltwaterstud, the dark world will now live in eternal fear thanks to your kind donation. You rock twice as much as your steam avatar indicates.

Also, thanks to the whole Penny Arcade community as a whole. The world is certainly a better place with with you. To everyone else who have gained new steam friends, feel free to post your thank-you notes here.

Thanks from a happy Aussie.

Joos2000 on


  • EyebrowsEyebrows Registered User new member
    Haha, you flatter me. And yeah, Deus Ex is a great game. I should probably finish it someday. But thanks to Xaermas, Cuthawolf and IrishWhiskeyforBreakfast and I have 4 new games to play through instead :D

  • CWTygerCWTyger Registered User regular
    Doubly flattered here. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the game. I plan on picking up a copy for myself soon. :)

    I'll trade a wheat and a sheep for the first two treasures.
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