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This thread is for posting ideas to be used in MMO's, not to developing one, so, the idea not need to been give from someone to know how implement it (and no, you don't even need to give just ideas that have a away to implement, because who knows, maybe someone can implement a very coll idea in a new way that no one have tough before)
Of course, if you can give directions in how implement, you can give it to (so can be a crude idea or a complex idea) can be even a suggestions (that's why is a brainstorming after all)
So, i will start posting my ideas :)

Yes... English is not my first language... I learned it not from a English class but from RPG games.
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    Ok, i will trow my idea in pieces because is not really simple, and because i want to see and answer the feedback.

    The first idea is about crafting, i fell that crafting in actual MMO's are failed, because in the end you do not create anything (nothing that you can say that you created) well, maybe second life but we cannot call this crafting...

    So, first we have to think what brings a player to (try) to be a crafter.

    To me, there three main things.

    The first is the need to create something, let's call those creative crafters
    The second is the complex process of crafting, let's call those researcher crafters
    The third is just for the social part, those we will call seller crafters (and those i will not discuss now, because they are well served nowadays, to some extent)

    So, there this three main needs, create something unique with your mark , some kind of a complex system, and a coll marketing system.

    For the first one, would be necessary some-kind of engine that let you change the apparency
    of what you make, and a result that differs based on your skills. (this represent two subsets of this kind of crafter)

    For the second one, would be necessary a complex system into crafting

    The problem is, this complex system would be like just to researchers crafters and be boring to the rest? No.

    Because can be made a crafting system that on a first layer you have a really complex system, on a second layer you have a less complex system and in a third layer a semi automatic (read, nowadays crafting) system

    So researcher would work on the first layer, creativities on the second and sellers on the third.

    I will on the next post talk about each of these layers.

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    Yes... English is not my first language... I learned it not from a English class but from RPG games.
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    My dreams of crafting, the first layer:

    Ok, so the first layer is the most complex (in some ways) and is directed to researcher crafters.
    From now on i will call those just researchers, because they will craft, but they main goal is to create blueprints, yes, that is the idea, the first layers will create those well know blueprints that make the automatic stuff.

    So, to this work this layer of the system would require real analysis and study from the player.

    To this, the first part is that all items and resources would have attributes, and not direct attributes but indirect ones.
    So, a metal resource could have hardness and this can affect a crafted item in various ways.
    A sword would have sharpness and this would affect for example cutting damage.
    Okay, this part looks like just a difference in naming, but there is more.

    First, let's start with resources, player could create new resources using base ones.
    They can for example fuse two metals, and the system would calculate the results in a intelligent way based on this resource stats.
    You will have to study this stats, and the way you can change the resource, for example, to fuse the metals you would have to melt both, but you have to see the melting point and see if you really can do this and if you cant you have to use other way around or give up.
    Even the melting point would change, a metal that have high melting point could be use to resist fire, but also would be harder do craft because you need to melt it. (at least is one of the basic process)
    And them, after trying different materials and process (there would be a lot of refining process) you can take this new resource and write up what is needed to make the resource, and with this you will create a blueprint.
    You can then register the blueprint and sell it.(you can make copies too)
    note: the blueprint will create a automatic process to the user, just put the right materials in the right place and voilà, a new item (the researchers need to adjust everything, even the temperature at a forge)

    The same applies to item crafting, but now you would have another kind of sub-system.
    You have to choose form a list of options, and then the base materials.
    If you want to make a sword with a new resource.
    First you would have to choose the sword research (crafting new blueprints is called research)
    There you would have some base types of sword, if it's possibly, the player can even modify the base type of sword (or even, modify a base weapon type) i don't have tough in a real way to do this modification(yet), but is not impossible.
    But maybe, you can assemble parts, and those parts would be part of groups.
    For example, you first say that would use a hilt, and you can choose form a subsets of hilt types (and it's materials).
    Choosing the base and material, you can change some stats, like height and diameter. (like i said, is complex)
    The you choose a blade, and do the same process.
    Now you have a sword, you also can choose a base sword type and modify it (or not, if you just want try i new material)
    You can use the same logic to create new kind of weapon, the you can make a dual blade, if don't have one as a base kind of weapon.

    After you create anything, it's a good idea to make some tests (and would be ways to do it that is not really using it, and then you would extract the stats)

    And as you see, is kind a scientific process, you Analise, you choose, you do try and error, you test

    Ah... Maybe i will back on this topic later, the next one is the second layer...
    Just to give a "preview", the second layer will use the blueprint created in the first part, but will modify it appearance, and small modifications like using a magical gem, enhancing and tempering. (but will aways do the same basic item) this will created a second kind of blueprint, called full process blueprint, is just have the materials and skills and use the FPBP and then you would have a new item. (and a FPBP would be used sometimes to the third layer, but this layer would have better results just buying items created in the second layer, but the FPBP helps in mass production of more generic items)

    Yes... English is not my first language... I learned it not from a English class but from RPG games.
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    Ok... No feedback, so it's time to the second layer...

    First, the second layer will use blueprints. Like i said before they will just put the ingredients in the right place and will get a item, here we will see 3 main categories:

    Designer: change the appearance of a item and just it, can change the color, texture, put some adornments... Put his will not have changes in the stats (maybe some small changes, after all it's changes the weight and etc)

    Hand-made crafters: They not make mass production items, so their skills have more weight in the end result (having better quality items in the end), also, they do some (non magical) optimization process like sharping and tempering.

    Magical crafters: They do magical enhancing, and this have a large array of possibilities like making a fire sword or a item that give bonus in skills...

    Both hand-made crafters and magical crafters can put magical gens in the items (or anything similar)

    And that it's it for now... Next time i will talk about the third layer, and giving another preview...

    The third layer would do mass production crafting, also they would have some resources to help them selling. Until next post :)

    Yes... English is not my first language... I learned it not from a English class but from RPG games.
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