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Giant Bomb: Hey guys. I'm Batman.



  • KilroyKilroy timaeusTestified Registered User regular
    if you honestly can't understand that there is a difference between a marginalized person making jokes about their situation and a priviledged person making jokes about a marginalized group,

    you should probably educate your self on what it's like to be marginalized

    Sweeney Tomgtrmp
    sometimes i am really afraid to voice opinions on here because i don't want them to be immediately invalidated by the forum's perception of me as a "straight white male"

    i'm not saying anyone on either side here is right or wrong

    i just feel like it's gotten to a point where i don't want to post anymore because i'm afraid that some of the friends i've made are going to immediately judge me and throw my opinion out the window

    this is my 2 cents in this conversation.

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