A storyboard and a WIP

DRaelrichDRaelrich AspirantRegistered User regular
As the name implies. I've been practicing by taking my friends' writing and building a scene out of them.

The writing it's based on:
The city below was in decay. So was she.
Mimi had watched her hands turn to dust and drift away from the balcony’s ledge, only to glance back down and find them right where they had always been. Her skin was a dead riverbed one moment, then lush and whole the next. She was trembling. Or was it the whole world that vibrated this way?
Her fingers gripped the cold metal eel that ran along the ledge. Vaulting over the railing seemed appealing for half a second before the reality of plummeting for a kilometer was terrible enough to penetrate the hazy cloud that enveloped her brain. Wind whipped her hair and made her feel like a two-bit Medusa. Perhaps, she thought, it’s time to go inside.


Centered weight, gentle hand.
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