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Solforge: Set 3 Secrets of Solis Out Now!



  • BurtletoyBurtletoy Registered User regular
    I really like this game, so I'm posting another client idea!

    If, when you try to join a tournament but don't have enough tickets/gold it'd be nice to mix/match them. Or have the option to buy a ticket on the same screen as the join tournament screen.

    For example, right now, you can join the weekend warrior tournament for either 2 tickets or 40000 silver.

    But say I only have 1 ticket and 20000 silver. It costs 20000 to buy a ticket, but you have to click on, like, 5 buttons to do it, instead of just joining with the 1 ticket and 1 ticket worth of silver.

    And another thing!

    It'd be really cool if you could forge down the cards you get from daily reward/tournament prizes/etc. without having to leave the reward/opening pack screen. I should have to leave the 'you opened these cards' screen to go to the collection, to forge down the 6 common cards I just earned by logging in. That could all be available on the same screen!

    Just some thoughts.

  • agoajagoaj Top Tier No FearRegistered User regular
    Here's a preview of the game screen of the new client. Still a work in progress and it already looks way better, but it should give you an idea of where we're going for the final version.

  • WingedWeaselWingedWeasel Registered User regular
    More details on the card reworks went up on the main site. Supposedly patch notes are going to come out today with the update actually taking place tomorrow (weird with the holiday). No new target date for the ui changes which is really what I am waiting for.

  • BurtletoyBurtletoy Registered User regular
    Patch notes are on the official forums.

    And despite the forums post saying the patch notes are on the main page of the website (which they aren't) the notes look super interesting!

    I'm excited about the Esperian Scarab change! Now on-curve Weirwood Patriarch will hit all three levels! And AU grow wide was one of my favorite decks before this was the case.

    Patch Notes

  • BurtletoyBurtletoy Registered User regular
    The new patch was supposed to slow the game down, which it did not do.

    At all

    Which isn't to say I don't like it! It's still like an entirely new game to play, with so many changes. Fun relearning all the cards.

  • agoajagoaj Top Tier No FearRegistered User regular
    New client is coming out Tuesday along with Set 7 and Ranked mode.

  • InvictusInvictus Registered User regular
    Woooo, finally. Been playing this for a long time and stacking up a ton of packs for opening once the new set comes out, so I've got a couple legendary chests, half a dozen plat packs and hundreds of normal packs to open.

    Generalísimo de Fuerzas Armadas de la República Argentina

    Path of Exile current character: Delplari
  • WingedWeaselWingedWeasel Registered User regular
    definitely want to give the new client a try. i have since moved on to other games for a variety of reasons, but maybe this will pull me back in

  • BurtletoyBurtletoy Registered User regular
    edited May 2016
    Invictus wrote: »
    Woooo, finally. Been playing this for a long time and stacking up a ton of packs for opening once the new set comes out, so I've got a couple legendary chests, half a dozen plat packs and hundreds of normal packs to open.

    You should possibly, maybe, open the platinum packs and the legend chests, because the silver value for scraping a legend card goes from 32k currently down to 10k with the new client.

    Assuming they added 2 new legends for each faction, as per the normal for a new set, the chances of getting a new legend are, like, 6.5% or something, iirc. And the new legend forge cost will go from whatever it is now, down to 100k, so scraping 3 legends now will buy you one later, but waiting it will take 10 to scrap to get 1. I think my math checks out, but you might want to double check.

    Burtletoy on
  • WingedWeaselWingedWeasel Registered User regular
    Anyone know time the new client goes live? Not sure if the "rush" on the new servers will be as catastrophic for solforge as it is for other games.

  • BurtletoyBurtletoy Registered User regular
    Soft downtime starts in 35min. Hard downtime an hour after that.

    6 hour downtime expected before all three (PC, iOS, android) clients are live after the hard downtime.

  • WingedWeaselWingedWeasel Registered User regular
    hm...servers still appear to be down unfortunately. downloaded and installed inside of a few minutes which i didn't expect though.

  • WingedWeaselWingedWeasel Registered User regular
    edited June 2016
    Never got on yesterday, maybe tonight although based on what people are saying it is still disaster.

    edit: so far i like the look...reminds me of the pokemon online client. however it keeps popping up the daily reward chest every few seconds and i am not sure why. no rewards show just the animation and the screen dims. seems sort of slow as well not sure if it is slower than before or not. aaaaaand it just crashed...

    are there even any resources for this game anymore for decklists? i haven't played in what is probably over a year so i can only assume that anything i can build will be wildly outclassed.

    WingedWeasel on
  • BurtletoyBurtletoy Registered User regular
    The best resource is the unofficial ladder before this new client added a ladder. Go to tournaments and completed tournaments show deck lists. No one really knows about the new cards yet because...

    Everything with the new release is a mess right now. They didn't do any stress testing or anything, it seems. Android client is broken. I was able to open my packs on Steam this morning, but each one took, maybe half a minute.

    Hopefully they get this cleaned up in the next day or two, cause I'm going on vacation friday, and I'd love to be able to play on mobile.

  • WingedWeaselWingedWeasel Registered User regular
    I totally forgot about the old ladder.

    I am both surprised and not surprised about the current state of the client. One of the major complaints about the old one was that it has performance issues. The fact that the new one is encountering all these problems is both...well surprising and not surprising. Signs point to lack of stress testing, but how many people are actually playing solo the anymore? Even with an influx of people just trying it for the hell of it since it went "live" it can't be that many.

    I'm just at a loss for words. I may give it a shot again over the weekend but looks like it is going back in the figurative box for a while if it still is a steaming pile.

  • admanbadmanb unionize your workplace Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    edited June 2016
    Logged in, opened up the deck builder, accidentally removed seven cards from one of my old decks while trying to figure out how to navigate through that UI. Ooof.

    I don't understand how you look at Hearthstone's UI, say "let's do that" and then get everything wrong.

    admanb on
  • PinfeldorfPinfeldorf Realtor Santa ClaritaRegistered User regular
    The new UI is really unintuitive, a game takes much longer to complete due to animations having to complete before actions can be taken (which would be cool if you could disable them) and you can no longer buy legendary chests with silver? Opening packs also takes orders of magnitude longer that if I wanted to burn my 300k silver on packs to get new cards, it would probably take me several hours to open them. If the client actually let me buy them at any decent rate, as it takes about 30 seconds to 'verify' the purchase.

    Really hope they manage to take a few steps forward before taking any more steps back, because this release is really not what I wanted.

  • WingedWeaselWingedWeasel Registered User regular
    i doubt they will ever provide the option to disable the animations. wasn't that one of the kickstarter rewards? i think i backed a tier for that because it provided a bunch of other stuff. i haven't even tried to play a game yet since navigating everything is a chore to begin with

  • agoajagoaj Top Tier No FearRegistered User regular
    I don't see why disabling animations would be locked to a kickstarter tier. There's been work done on it but the priority right now is on fixing the server issue.

  • WingedWeaselWingedWeasel Registered User regular
    i meant that people are throwing a fit over a bunch of other features that were promised in the kickstarter that were cut (although allegedly are going to make a reappearance). i wouldn't expect them to axe it, further i have feeling it is a big selling point.

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