[PATV] Thursday, August 22, 2013 - Shut Up & Sit Down Season 2, Ep. 16: The Opener: Mascarade &a

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image[PATV] Thursday, August 22, 2013 - Shut Up & Sit Down Season 2, Ep. 16: The Opener: Mascarade & Cheese Twists

Review of the game Masquerade along with a mini cooking course for the creation of cheese twists.

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    TyGitaTyGita Registered User new member
    I made this account just to tell you this was an awesome episode :P

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    ottojschlosserottojschlosser Registered User regular
    "Pahh - miz - ann" cheese! Hee hee.

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    ShadowenShadowen Snores in the morning LoserdomRegistered User regular
    My uncle is, in fact, Bob, and my parents told me very early on.

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    Sgt.Big_BubbaloolaSgt.Big_Bubbaloola That's Mr to you! Everywhere man....Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    Does Videogamer.com know that Matt Lees is cheating on them? Hmmmm? Unfaithful bastard, honestly *tsk*

    For those that enjoyed this vid, check out his abriged videos over on Youtube on the Videogamer.com channel ......... very, very funny.


    Sgt.Big_Bubbaloola on

    Well gosh, I suppose I might as well settle in for a nice cuppa ...... this is gonna be good!
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    eshtebalaeshtebala Registered User new member
    They stopped selling kinder surprise in my city, instead, they are selling this two yolk kinder egg (Some like to call it Kinder Joy).

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    StopDancingStopDancing Registered User new member
    As a public service announcement, I'd like to point out that he's probably using celsius. So, 200 degrees C is 400 (or just under) F. This way you won't end up with doughy twists.

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    rainbowhyphenrainbowhyphen Registered User regular
    Having thoroughly enjoyed The Resistance, Masquerade looks right up my alley.

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    flawlessflawless Registered User new member
    I want this. Where can I buy it? When I look for it on Google all I get is links for some stupid Japanese game with dancers?

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    RorrikRorrik Registered User regular
    Mascarade is the spelling to find the game.

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