Prime 2013 HandHeld Tournaments!!

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And you thought I forgot. Nope, just waiting on some infooooos.

The Usual
-All of our tournaments are open for sign ups starting 10am Friday morning. If you come by and the sign up is full, ask for the overflow list.
-Pay attention to the start time! Do not necessarily pay attention to the end time!
-Check for the rule set when you sign up! Or, feel free to speculate below.
-If you sign up, please show up about 15 minutes early for roll call.
-Also, it's an excellent idea to follow @HandHeldLounges and @PAX_Tourney

Friday - 2pm/Tetris: Axis/VS Battle/64 player cap

Saturday - 1pm/MK7/VS random cup/64 player cap
- 4pm/Animal Crossing: New Leaf/Island Tours/36 player cap

Sunday - Noon/Mario Tennis Open/Singles/36 player cap
- 3pm/Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed 3DS/Grand Prix/36 player cap

Monday - Noon/Spaceteam!/Team time trials/64 player cap

NOTE: Yes, we know the tournaments aren't on the online schedule yet. I heard from a little bird that should be fixed by Monday at the latest.


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    Will there be items in the Tetris: Axis tournament format?

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