If you like ragdoll physics, you'll love First Person Shooter [Android, iOS (soon)]

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Hi Everyone! I'd like to introduce you all to First Person Shooter!

First Person Shooter is a physics based puzzle game with the goal of shooting yourself out of a cannon and into a chair. Sound too simple? Well I forgot to mention you'll be trying to avoid and use a number of obstacles as you rocket through the air. Still too easy? Make sure to pick up all the collectibles in each level before you sit down for an extra challenge. Some are hidden, so you'll have to keep an eye out for them as you go whizzing by.

First Person Shooter is out on the Play store now and coming soon to iOS.

Keep up to date with us by checking our website http://xelphyregames.com/games.htm, liking us on Facebook[/url, or following us on Twitter @XelphyreGames.


Thanks for checking us out!

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