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I use a Macbook Pro with Windows 7 installed using Bootcamp. There is a problem involving the keyboard (?) in Windows 7. I can log into Windows fine, I can open the start menu and type into the the search box there fine and I can open Notepad and type in that fine. When I try to type in the search box of Windows Media Player, the program locks up, even though I can open and watch videos just fine. I cannot type into the url bar or search bars or post boxes here on the forums in IE or Firefox, but I can navigate the Internet using bookmarks and links. I have the same problem trying to search in Steam. I happened to have an old Flash game still bookmarked and attempting the play that using the keyboard also caused the browser to lock up.

I have not done a wipe and reinstall. I have done an "upgrade" using my Windows 7 disk to keep all of my files, which appears to have fixed other problems, but not this one. Is there anything short of a full wipe that may solve this problem?

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    Can you get far enough in Control Panel to create a new user account? What happens in Safe Boot?

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