[PATV] Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - Extra Credits Season 6, Ep. 25: Games You Might Not Have Tried #



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    darkhogdarkhog Registered User regular
    Ah, right... Totally forgot about that since I've watched it last week. Makes sense, thanks.

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    ZombieAladdinZombieAladdin Registered User regular
    The only game I had heard of in this video is Etrian Odyssey 4. When I was at Anime Expo 2013, eight people had this as their Last Game Played, plus one more for the demo.

    But that's probably because I don't play any games on the computer, so I pay no attention to what comes out there. I run on Snow Leopard (and I just upgraded from Tiger earlier this year) and on 1 gigabyte of RAM. I just discovered at the Apple Store that my MacBook, from 2006, is considered vintage. And I don't feel like spending the moeny to upgrade.

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    skellyton22skellyton22 Registered User regular
    I went to a camp this summer and my friends there was up there in the best Guns of Icarus team at one point. I love to see this game here!

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    dfdrewsdfdrews Registered User new member
    Achron is a small indie game I found that does time-travel RTS rather well. At least the ideas are good. Gameplay is basic and dialogue ir horrible. I suggest running the demo or looking up their "grandfather principle" on youtube. They have an interesting way of addressing the idea of going back in time to kill your grandfather and how that affects you in the present.

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