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I has a $500



  • ScrumtrulescentScrumtrulescent Registered User
    edited March 2007
    buy an xbox 360
    for The Geek

    Scrumtrulescent on
    SoaL wrote: »
    orikae you have an infectious excitement for this stuff

    i really believe in the expressive and transformative power of language. the proper sequence of words, placed just so, can change your entire worldview. it can change your life.
  • ToxicAvengerToxicAvenger Registered User
    edited March 2007
    I have 5,300 something bucks from this deployment. That's pretty hardcore. I'm sure I'll spend it on Coke.

    ToxicAvenger on
  • HiredGunHiredGun Registered User
    edited March 2007

    HiredGun on
  • BusterKBusterK Negativity is Boring Cynicism is Cowardice Registered User regular
    edited March 2007
    I think the best investment you can make is buying The Geek an Xbox 360

    BusterK on
    Visit for all your Cruz Flores needs. Also listen to the podcast I do with Penguin Incarnate
    Amazon Wishlist:
  • Kuribo's ShoeKuribo's Shoe Kuribo's Stocking North PoleRegistered User regular
    edited March 2007
    man geek gets shit for free all the time

    he can buy his own 360

    Kuribo's Shoe on
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