How to enter the Every Two Minutes with Windows Phone?

ElektroDragonElektroDragon Registered User regular
Anyone know? Seems if you have Windows Phone you can't enter a Microsoft contest to win an Xbox One. This is epic facepalm material. I noticed a LOT of people at PAX with Windows Phones, more than the general population. So this is just sad. Luckily someone made a good PAX guide for Windows Phone so I don't have to rely on Guidebook, since it's not available.


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    NightraineNightraine Registered User new member
    I don't think there is a way, which sucks. A couple of us have been searching for a way to participate, but with no luck. It would be nice to have some support.

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    lirpalirpa Registered User regular
    Hey guys,
    I'm working at that activation site, there is no way to play using the Windows phone. I'm sorry about that, I'll definitely let them know your feedback. You can enter the nationwide promotion on their website that will be launched on September 30th. If you have anymore questions, feel free to stop by our site and ask any of use who are working. I'm sorry again!

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    trickycooljtrickycoolj Registered User regular
    Waaaaay in the bottom of the FAQ in the Mountain Dew section of the guide book app it says "Is Microsoft a sponsor of this event? Microsoft is neither a sponsor of this promotion nor has any responsibilities for its conduct or administration."

    Which is funny because they got slammed in Forbes about it today.

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    ProximaProxima Registered User regular
    Hey guys -- just letting you know that this is a Guidebook issue. Since we don't yet have a native windows phone app (which is in the works!) we just couldn't support a version of the every2minutes game for WP. We feel really badly about it, and are working really hard to get a native version out for you guys when we can. We are a small team, after all :) Anyway, sorry! If you see us around the show floor come yell at us!

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