found- swag bag and behemoth pins

DuelLadySDuelLadyS Registered User regular
Discovered last night that, at some point, I lost my swag bag and picked up someone else's- someone who apparently spent a fair bit of time collecting pinny arcade

There are a total of 7 pins in this bag. If it's yours, please send me a PM listing the pins, so I can return them to you!


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    adkalldayadkallday Registered User regular
    So I've been crawling trying to figure this out.

    Do they hand out PAX PRIME themed swag bags at the door to the first X amount of people?

    Am I missing out on something?

    Is there somewhere I need to go early Sunday morning to get a "Swag Bag"?

    Thanks in advanced!

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    zealezeale Saint LouisRegistered User regular
    the swag bags are free to pick up after 11am in the expo queue room! there are enough to last all day so dont worry about rushing


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    DuelLadySDuelLadyS Registered User regular
    Post-PAX bump, in case the bag owner didn't have internet at PAX. I'm fine mailing 'em out, so if they might be your pins, let me know!

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