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    PickledGearPickledGear Registered User new member
    edited September 2013
    Hey guys, just wondering if anybody have shots of my friends and I's Borderlands cosplay group. Crazy so many people take photos of you but once its all said and done you can find little to nothing on the internet.

    Here is a good photo of us I was the Firehawk masked Marauder kneeling in the front there.


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    un_run_r San DiegoRegistered User regular
    I didn't take many pix this year but there are a few Cosplayers here: Flickr Set

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    AylaviereAylaviere Overlord Vancouver, BCRegistered User regular
    Aylaviere wrote: »
    1175619_10151584807826638_1029464670_n.jpg Anyone see these two? That's my Dad in the Big Daddy costume he made. He'd be happy to see any other photos.

    Oh hi! I caught your dad at the Sheraton. I don't have the photo uploaded yet, but as soon as I do, I'll post the link.

    He's awesome BTW. I know he was probably dying to get that costume off, but he still indulged me for a picture. Tell him thanks again.

    EDIT: Got it! Here he is. BTW, is that you as the Little Sister, or someone else?

    Also got this great one of a couple cosplaying as King Harkonnen and Princess Zelda from the CD-I Zelda games:

    I'm not the little sister, no. That's his co-worker, and while hard to believe she's about 33 years old! I'm about 5'1" and when he was telling me about her (before I met her) he said "she's about this tall" and made a motion with his hand at about her height. Now, being a short person I've seen many people do that same thing and generally people exaggerate the "shortness". Then I met her and I was like holy crap, he wasn't exaggerating!!

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    NeurofluidNeurofluid Registered User new member
    Yup, that was me, wearing that Big Daddy costume, a hot, cramped, heavy, blinding and deafening mobile cage of my own making.

    Thanks for uploading those awsome pics, you guys!

    The Little Sister was indeed my co-worker, and yes, she is 'about this tall' :)

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    WrongWorlderWrongWorlder Registered User regular
    Apparently I need to be better about standing in common photo areas, because I can't find a picture of my cosplay anywhere :(

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    hml151hml151 Registered User regular
    @WrongWorlder What was your costume?

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    WrongWorlderWrongWorlder Registered User regular
    @hml151 I was Nameless Boy from LIMBO.

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    oyasumidesuoyasumidesu Registered User regular
    I was the transistor with the glowing sword/ arduino any pix out there?

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    BaghdadBeanBaghdadBean Wrench Wench Scio-Lacomb, ORRegistered User regular
    Here is my paltry contribution to the photo collection. I was working pretty hard this year, and didn't have as much time to take photos as I'd have liked, but much fun was had.

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