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Paint the Line Help!

AttilatheNunAttilatheNun new memberRegistered User new member
So I just picked up a copy of Paint the Line: Red Tide and I can't find anything in the rules about when and how to untap stamina. Would I be correct in assuming that it works like lands in M:tG and I can just untap them all at the beginningof my turn? Or does it work like shot cards and I can only untap one per turn? Something else entirely? By the rules as written, it seems like you can't untap them, but then why would you tap them in the first place instead of just discarding them?

I posted about this a little while ago and my thread vanished even though it's not against any of the rules as far as I can tell. If someone could let me know how to solve either of these problems, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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