Share your process (digital art tips and tricks)

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I've only recently started digitally inking my art. I used to ink it by hand and scan it and then digitally colour it via Photoshop. This is what I've been doing for years, since probably high school.

Even my first comic strip is done this way:


Though, the scan didn't end up being that great. It's kind of jaggedy, so it's say it's not that representative of my usual work. But I was having issues with my scanner and I couldn't be bothered to rescan it.

These are other works that I've done in the past:






Some comics from the past:




What I do is I scan it. Then I clean it up in Photoshop, using the curve to up the black and white contrast. After it's been cleaned up, I make the lineart layer into a normal layer because when you scan it in it automatically gets put in as a background layer. Then I select multiply in the layer option. This makes the white space in the lineart layer transparent. Voila, I've got a suitable lineart layer! After that, all I have to do is colour it by putting all the coloured layers below the lineart layer.

(I will post images outlining my process, when I get back from work)

Recently, however, I've been experimenting with digital inking because I wanted a cleaner look for my current webcomic. Someone recommended manga studio, so I decided to try it out. I mean, Ive had a tablet for quite some time but photoshop doesn't lend itself well for digital inking. And I've always find drawing with the tablet to be challenging, so I've only been using it to colour my art. I've been getting used to it though

Right now I'm using the "G" pen with the tips tapered tips unselected.

This is an example of my inking:


Anyone have any experience with Manga Studio or any other kind of digital inking?

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