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I'm about to get an Asus TF300 Transformer tablet and I want to be able to use it for school. Unfortunately, school demands I use certain programs (such as MatLab) which aren't able to be used on an android tablet. I was wondering what the best remote access software was. Hopefully something that will recognize the touchpad/keyboard when I add those attachments to the tablet.

I'd also like to game/stream video, so low lag would be ideal (I noticed a great deal of input delay using Team Viewer, even when on the same network). If possible, I'd prefer free software or at least something with solely an upfront cost.

Also, does anyone have any experience with Chrome Remote Desktop or whatever it's called? If I'm not able to get the functionality I need out of the tablet I may return it and try a chromebook and using chrome remote desktop to accomplish much the same effect, does anyone have any experience with it/how bad the input delay is?

Thanks a ton!

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    FoomyFoomy Registered User regular
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    I'm a fan of splashtop,works with very little input lag, and has apps for just about every platform you could want. But it isn't free, not sure on it's current pricing model as I bought it years ago when it was only on ipads.

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    DjeetDjeet Registered User regular
    I've bought a number of RD apps for iOS and Android and they are all lacking w/r/to traditional data input (keyboard or alternate-click). I bought such mainly to do remote administration where I have to interact with lots of apps not designed for touch. Using Matlab I would imagine would be equally infuriating as using any other app not designed for touch-screen usage. You can get by, but the experience will not be pleasant. If you need to do this a lot get a physical keyboard and mouse, or replace with something that has such.

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    VahraanVahraan Registered User regular
    I should clarify that I'll have the docking station which includes a full keyboard and a touchpad/usb input so I should be able to get KBaM functionality, it's just a matter of which RD software will recognize the inputs.

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