The Thithe Poem/Song

drbunjidrbunji Registered User regular
Hey everyone, first post on this forum, but uh yeah, I made a backingtrack that I think might work well with the poem/song in The Thithe part 2 and it is here;


If anyone blessed with actual vocal chords instead of the hellish machinery I have would like to take a gander at recording the vocals for it, and putting it out there, I think that might be cool?



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    SparePartsSpareParts Lord of the God Kings Registered User new member
    Do you mind if I hijack this thread for anyone/everyone who has come up with tunes for the Tithe poem? I know that a lot of people have written music for it, but other than a smattering of posts in the comic thread for page 2, I haven't been able to find many of them.

    Here's my take on it. I'll remove the link if you don't want me to hijack your thread.

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