Poor Kitty WIP

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That fish always seems to gets the better of him.

A WIP for a Threadless submission. Crits and comments would be much appreciated.


I can't seem to get the head right. Here's original sketch, a draw-over would be fantastic!


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  • CorgiCorgi Registered User
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    I know this is a WIP but it took me a while to see the cat.
    The kittens right arm/paw/appendage thing seems a bit low on he body.
    Or, the neck part is too long.
    As for the face, I'm not sure whats going on becuase, as of now, it seems like a lot of lines placed in places where facial features would be. But! Try to make the eye line parallel to the top and bottom of the head.
    That little tip helped me oodles when trying to draw faces.
    I love kitties, btw. So I give you extra kudos for that. :)

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