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What to wear?

RhinoRhino TheRhinLOLRegistered User regular
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My classes/school is going to see some operas, musicals and plays as part of class work. What am I suppose to wear to one of these? Cause they sound fancy.

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  • EggyToastEggyToast Jersey CityRegistered User regular
    edited April 2007
    Depends on who is performing. Is it the BigCity Philharmonic in Fancy Auditorium? Or local college music school performing a selection of stuff in the performance hall on campus?

    For both, they are essentially a night out on the town, which means you should at least try to look good. One obviously requires a little more attention to detail, which is obvious. However, a friend of mine who plays in the orchestra for some of these things told me, when he got me comp tickets for an opera he was doing and I asked a similar question, that for every thing like this, there's always a guy who shows up wearing flip flops, shorts, and a logo t-shirt.

    Don't be that guy.

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  • MarathonMarathon Registered User regular
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    If you want to go all out get a coat and tie with a nice pair of dress pants. Those sorts of things are usually fancy, but I don't think you would need a suit or anything like that.

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  • RhinoRhino TheRhinLOL Registered User regular
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    The content: Some will be from the local college (but they are "known" for this stuff) and others will be from local production companies. Nothing big name, but is considered "good" for this city. They are "small fish", but for here they are pretty big.

    Also I have this huge crush on the teacher... she is so dreamy <3<3<3
    So any "extra points" in looking all civilized would be nice. (It's a "group" trip)

    Example of a coat? It's turning spring here. Pics?

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  • matisyahumatisyahu Registered User regular
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    if you don't have a coat you can also throw a nice sweater over a dress shirt for a look that toes the line between class and casual.

    best bet would be to ask a couple friends (or your teacher) what kind of clothing would be appropriate, i'm betting for the college plays/musicals it'll be very casual like it is at my school. if you're going to a theatre it might be fun to treat it like a night on the town, play the old soul and class it up for a day. the big factor anyhow is confidence, the most appropriate attire in the world does no good if you're sitting in the corner self-conscious like your mom picked it out. chances are you'll chum it up and forget about the dress altogether.

    if you do stumble into an inappropriate outfit just remember that people are there to see some theatre, not criticize your wardrobe. if you can endure the few hours of uncomfortability with good humor then you're home free before you know it. people won't dwell on your faux pas unless you take it like the end of the world.

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