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Hello everybody! I am 21. years old and currently in my first year of studying illustration. I would like to use this forum to help me grow as an artist! I used to lurk the artist´s corner religiously when I was younger and admire everyone's art. Now I want to join in! :-)
I mostly draw but I am trying to learn how to use photoshop.
Here is some of my earlier work-


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    NakedZerglingNakedZergling A more apocalyptic post apocalypse Portland OregonRegistered User regular
    Some good stuff here. The works do feel a bit "art school". Are you in an art school specifically?
    Your execution of the media is pretty solid. The only one that isn't really working for me is the 3rd image. I really dig the godzilla one, and the bird in the red circle one is nice too. There's minor issues here and there with perspective and proportions, and conceptually they're a tad "meh" (as many first year art stuff is) but theres nothing i see that looks bad.
    I love seeing pen work too.
    The godzilla one is my favorite. Did you use a blur effect in photoshop for that, or did the scan/camera do it?
    What are your artistic goals? Do you want to do work for games? art for books? Whats your end goal?
    You have a great start here. i hope you keep posting!

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