Math vs Undead - Educational Games for Kids

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"Math vs Undead - Educational Games for Kids" combines zombie games and educational games for kids in one fun game.


What this free math game has that others don’t have?

Cool graphics and user friendly interface
One math genius that defends himself from numerous zombies and his only weapon is his mathematics knowledge
Math attack – with every correct answer you will shoot evil zombies with pointed pens, sharp triangles, rulers and dividers
Basic math operations and math formulae– addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Math playground – challenge your brain in 30 levels; speed up your ability to perform calculation quickly.
Mind training game that involves numbers improves mental workout, tests your IQ but also your reflexes, and enhances cognitive functions and visual memory and turns you into a real math genius

You can download it for free on App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/math-vs-undead-educational/id687283022?mt=8


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