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Legend of the Five Rings 4th edition - Secrets of Naishou

SolarSolar Registered User regular
Hello everyone! It has recently come to my attention that there are some people who might want to play L5R, but have not had the chance to do so, either ever or for a long while. I've run a couple of L5R campaigns and having recently picked up the most excellent Naishou Province sourcebook, I am very much willing to run a campaign set in it's very descriptive environs. If you are interested, post your character idea in this thread, and we will be able to get started!

Some quick guidelines;

1) The game will be set pre-Scorpion Clan Coup, which means any clan other than the Spider. The Mantis are effectively the Minor Clan Alliance at this point, after all. All Clan Schools are available, though any that come into being after the Coup or have disappeared will require GM discretion to fit them into the current setting.

2) Great Clan, Minor Clan, Ronin, Monk and Imperial Characters are all accepted. To make an Imperial, you will need an Imperial Family Name and the Social Status Advantage from the get go. To make a Ronin, use any of the Ronin creation rules from the core book.

3) All disadvantages are at GM discretion. I would advise you to take either one big one or no more than two lesser ones. In my experience it is really hard to bring them up for an entire group where everyone has three or more disadvantages, especially if they are not directly story related.

4) I would like some player characters to know or know of each other before the campaign begins. This is why we will be posting concepts first, to see if we can weave them together and make a cool group dynamic! So think about how you might know or be related to each other.

5) This being a Samurai drama, family and romance will be prominant in the game. Please consider whether your character is married or not carefully. If you are married, your immediate family might very well be in the same area! This is a dynamic that many games miss, and it's something I love about L5R. I am also a huge soppy romantic, so anyone who is interested in roleplaying a passionate samurai romance will be very welcome. This will be in no way forced upon you, but if you are interested, don't be afraid to shout up!

I hope that we can get a good group together, and produce a game with some solid longevity and fun. May the Fortunes smile upon you!



  • AspectVoidAspectVoid Registered User regular
    I totally and completely want in on this, but I have some errands I need to run today, so I probably won't be able to post a character concept until this afternoon.

  • AuralynxAuralynx Darkness is a perspective Watching the ego workRegistered User regular
    edited October 2013
    I volunteer to help reach a quorum of players if necessary, or pile on if you go gung-ho and want a large group. I'm not over-familiar with the L5R game's mechanics, though I've got plenty of enthusiasm for the setting.

    Given you've got a lot of floating interest, I wouldn't want to poach a slot that could be filled by someone who's been anticipating the start of this, however!

    FWIW, I've played (briefly) at least one older edition of the game.

    Auralynx on

  • AspectVoidAspectVoid Registered User regular
    I forgot to ask, standard 40xp build?

  • jdarksunjdarksun Struggler VARegistered User regular
  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    Standard 40pt build,yes

  • The EverymanThe Everyman Registered User regular
    Tossing in my interest. At work with spotty internet, but I'm feeling like playing a phoenix or crane artisan, we'll see after I take a look at the book and refresh myself.

  • Dongs GaloreDongs Galore Registered User regular
    Registering interest, but while I've always liked the setting I've never actually played L5r so feel free to bypass me in favor of an actual experienced player

  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    Well right now we are just seeing what interest arises. I'm not really looking for experience as I've run games for newcomers to the setting and veterans alike, just for enthusiasm!

  • AspectVoidAspectVoid Registered User regular
    I have a Kakita Bushi rolled up, but I'm having a bit of a brain freeze on the history for the character. I have some key details (child of a Kakita-Himura political marriage, spent some time on The Wall as part of said parents' marriage) but it really needs fleshing out. It may be a couple of days before I have it all detailed, as my table group plays on Mondays.

  • AuralynxAuralynx Darkness is a perspective Watching the ego workRegistered User regular
    FWIW, I'd be interested in playing a monk - preferably the Tattooed variety - or a blacksmith of Crab or Lion origin.


  • Super NamicchiSuper Namicchi Registered User regular
    solar I would like to get in on this and play a crane duelist, please pm me at your earliest convenience so we may discuss how to go about this

    I also am a soppy romantic

  • tzeentchlingtzeentchling Doctor of Rocks OaklandRegistered User regular
    Definitely interested, but my L5R books are elsewhere. Maybe I can find a used copy somewhere.

    Leaning towards dragon bushi, but willing to go shugenja if there is none submitted.

  • I needed anime to post.I needed anime to post. boom Registered User regular
    I have interest in this


    this interest is because i got a deck of the card game when i was 12 and thought it was super cool but never had anyone to play it with so this post is really jsut me going "Man I'd really like to check out what they're doing with that setting now" and i don't actually own the sourcebooks :oops:

  • AspectVoidAspectVoid Registered User regular
    Solar, I got another question for you. What should the average starting insight score be? In playing around with my build I've ended up everywhere between 125 and 138. If we should be looking to start around, say, 135, then I know the 125 builds need to be scrapped.

  • Mikey CTSMikey CTS Registered User regular
    It has been a long time since I've explored Rokugan.

    I'll flitter some ideas about and get something up.

    // PSN: wyrd_warrior // MHW Name: Josei //
  • jdarksunjdarksun Struggler VARegistered User regular
    edited October 2013
    Edit: Derp
    Looks like my book is 3rd ed? Are there huge differences? PDF of 4th is $35 on DTRPG.

    jdarksun on
  • AspectVoidAspectVoid Registered User regular
    jdarksun wrote: »
    Edit: Derp

    The source book Solar has been talking about using is a 4th edition source book, so I've been running off of the assumption that its 4th edition.

  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    AspectVoid wrote: »
    Solar, I got another question for you. What should the average starting insight score be? In playing around with my build I've ended up everywhere between 125 and 138. If we should be looking to start around, say, 135, then I know the 125 builds need to be scrapped.

    125 to 138 is very much within the expected amount. It does depend on advantages and so on. For example, taking the 12pt Prodigy Advantage means your starting insight will be much lower, though you do get +1k0 on all school skills! Don't be concerned about a particular build of effectiveness or anything. More just take what you think is characterful, I won't penalise you for doing that.

  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    Also jeez, a huge amount of interest! That's really great to see guys, I deeply wish I could include everyone but sadly that is never possible. What I will say is that if people don't get the chance to play this time around, I'll definitely run another game in the future where those who missed out can pick up the dice.

  • The EverymanThe Everyman Registered User regular
    How many players are you looking for? Are you going off a lottery for player slots, or should we go on to post character concepts/sheets?

    Looking through the books, I've decided between Asahina Fetishist or Shiba Artisan. If I go Crane, could be that I'd know AspectVoid's Kakita bushi.

  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    People should post character concepts so I can get a good idea of the group we will see depending on who plays

    will be lotterying with a degree of fudging (it is, after all, the GMs perogative!)

  • AspectVoidAspectVoid Registered User regular
    How many players are you looking for? Are you going off a lottery for player slots, or should we go on to post character concepts/sheets?

    Looking through the books, I've decided between Asahina Fetishist or Shiba Artisan. If I go Crane, could be that I'd know AspectVoid's Kakita bushi.

    I've actually change plans a bit, since Arcanist mentioned wanting to play a Crane Duelist (which would be a Kakita Bushi). When I was originally building the character, I was bouncing between going Kakita-Kakita Bushi and Kakita-Daidoji Bushi. The Kakita Bushi was the more stable build (every build was between 134 and 138 Insight) so that's what I originally went with.

    However, with Solar's assurance that a lower Insight score won't be a problem and Arcanist's desire to play a Crane duelist, I've switched over to the Daidoji Bushi plan. I actually felt that the Daidoji school would work better for the background, but was worried about how inconsistent my builds with it were. Since I don't need to worry about that as much, I'm going to go with the better RP plan instead.

  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    In my games, always put character before effectiveness, it will serve you well!

    Also, consider that even the finest warriors amongst you are still Samurai, and to honour your ancestors, it will be expected that you will have at least a passing knowledge of the arts. Maybe your character doesn't, and that's fine! But being skilled in things like poetry, painting, dance and so on have both their practical advantages, and their roleplaying advantages!

    Solar on
  • AspectVoidAspectVoid Registered User regular
    Solar wrote: »
    In my games, always put character before effectiveness, it will serve you well!

    Also, consider that even the finest warriors amongst you are still Samurai, and to honour your ancestors, it will be expected that you will have at least a passing knowledge of the arts. Maybe your character doesn't, and that's fine! But being skilled in things like poetry, painting, dance and so on have both their practical advantages, and their roleplaying advantages!

    Oh, I know, and its why the Daidoji builds have fluctuated so much. The Kakita Bushi school gives you a nice balance of combat and social skills which (for me at least) makes it a bit easier to keep a build's Insight relatively level. Okay, that and not having both of my starting Ability points in Agility. That one's kinda rough to balance out.

    Anyway, right now in my build I have (outside of the combat stuff) ranks in Etiquette, Sincerity, Courtier, Meditation, Games (Go), Lore (Heraldry and Bushido), Perform (Flute), and Artisan (Poetry). Yes, so, I have 14 different skills (between class and bought). What can I say, I love my samurai being well rounded. Now its a matter of working all of these skills into my character's history. But I have plans, oh yes, I have plans...

  • Mikey CTSMikey CTS Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    I'm leaning towards a Scorpion clan Bayushi bushi who doesn't carry a katana. If I remember etiquette correctly, courtiers, artisans and shugenja do not carry their katanas because "they are not prepared to use them". This is her lie - she is actually more than capable with a blade, but does not carry one so people will assume she is "not prepared". She trained under a Kakita dueling master, who was a "guest" in the home of her family while her twin sister (not identical) remained in the Kakita household till her twin came of age to marry their eldest son. Her only tell is her graceful, elegant calligraphy, which her master insisted she study alongside the sword. Her master used to tell her you could judge a swordsman by his quality of his or her calligraphy. In her brushes strokes there is no wasted energy or effort, possessing a singular focus and precision. Another duelist prescribed to the same philosophy as her master would recognize it for what it means. Otherwise, unlike the notoriety her clan has gained for the activity would suggest, she does not lie. In fact she weilds the truth like a weapon, allowing samurai to believe she is lying only to reveal they have been given enough rope to hang themselves with. Her mask covers around the eyes and leaves her lovely mouth visible, subtly announcing samurai can trust what they hear though maybe not what they see.

    I'm not sure how to make this an actually build yet, but I'll figure the maths out later.

    Mikey CTS on
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    Super Namicchi
  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VARegistered User regular
    Think I'm going to go with a Lion clan Ikoma courtier who's much better with her voice than with a blade. Particularly since she has bad eyesight and her left leg never healed right from a fall when she was a toddler, and she's rather slim to boot. Loves stories, though, along with bardly skills like singing and calligraphy. Bushido, to Kai, lies in the heart, and that is what a great tale or song sustains -- the body may fail, but the spirit makes the choices that bring honor to Rokugan, particularly the warrior spirits on which the Lions pride (rimshot) themselves. She hopes dearly that she can find a mate who has a similar admiration for the arts, but she knows marriage will likely not be up to her.
    ikoma bard, of the ikoma family
    +1 Awe, +1 Int
    1 Courtier, Etiquette, Lore: Lion History, Perform: Storytelling, Sincerity: Honesty, High Skill, Bugei Skill
    Herald of Glory: PRecise Memory for free, P:S/Awe TN 20 for someone, their +Glory=School Rank
    6.5 Honor
    wakizashi, knife, calligraphy set, 5 koku, traveling pack, clothes

    Clear Thinker 3
    Voice 3

    Bad Eyesight 3
    Small 3
    Lame 4

    44 XP

    Artisan (Poetry) 2 (2) A
    Calligraphy 3 (5) I
    Courtier 3 (5) A
    Etiquette 2 (2) A
    Investigation 2 (3) P
    Lore: Lion History 2 (2) I
    Perform (Storytelling) 3 (5) A
    Perform (Song) 2 (3) A
    Sincerity: Honesty 2 (2) A
    Defense 2 (1) R
    Total: 28

    3->4 Awe: 16 XP

  • AuralynxAuralynx Darkness is a perspective Watching the ego workRegistered User regular
    I managed a mostly-satisfactory Tattooed Man with incredible aptitude as a blacksmith in draft form earlier today, but am holding out for a look at the Kaiu Engineer school Solar tells me exists to see if it comes out closer to interesting. Tattooed Man pretty much screams "make me into an unarmed combat monster right off," but I have successfully fought the urge at generation.

    Either way, if there's a shrine to Ebisu nearby (or can be), my character presumably hangs out there repairing people's armor and doing other blacksmith-related activities in a search for enlightenment through excellence in metalcraft.


  • ArdentArdent Down UpsideRegistered User regular
    edited October 2013
    Currently messing with a Shiba bushi (chasing the yojimbo path), who has the attention of both spirits and elements. Chances are she'll pick up more complications because of those two original ones. Perfectly open to complications if someone wants to, also, as I'm not married to any of her skill choices. Ended up at 135 Insight through no particular effort on my part. She's going to be (surprisingly) dangerous at court, I think.

    Shiba Naomi was a fairly ordinary bushi training to be a yojimbo for most of her youth. It was only with the arrival of a wizened monk and the revelation of her elemental blessing that Naomi ceased to be anything but ordinary. She immediately became a court sensation, pulled to-and-fro, with marriage offers and the uncomfortable center of attention. Her previously unimportant presence suddenly becoming one of the centers of attention has damaged Naomi in several ways. She's begun to believe in her own legend, overestimating her own ability -- which is respectable -- and has not yet learned to keep her own mouth shut when it ought to be. Neither is Naomi aware that her blessing has attracted the ill will of Gaki-do and that the hungry dead hunger for her flesh specifically. This will likely be a shocking and frightening revelation at some point.

    Shiba Naomi seeks to be a yojimbo, which means that she now needs a patron of importance similar to her own self-perceptions. She is woefully unaware of her own shortcomings, including in dueling and courtly affairs, managing primarily through the good graces provided by her blessing.
    Shiba Naomi
    Shiba Bushi
    +1 Agi, +1 Per

    AIR 2
    EARTH 2
    FIRE 2
    Agi 3
    WATER 2
    Per 3
    VOID 3

    Defense 3, Kenjutsu 3, Kyujutsu 1, Meditation (Void Recovery) 1, Spears 1, Theology 1, Etiquette 3.
    Artisan: Poetry 2, Iaijutsu 1, Investigation 3, Hunting 1, Tea Ceremony 2.

    Sensation: can treat Social skills as if you have 1 rank even if you do not (-3xp)
    Elemental Blessing: Air; 1 less XP to increase Ref/Awa (-3xp)

    Cursed by the Realm: Gaki-do; all hungry dead attack you before anything else (+4xp)
    Rumormonger: TN = 5x highest Glory to resist spreading rumors (+5xp)
    Overconfident: Perception roll TN 20 to recognize unwinnable situations (+3xp)

    Honor: 5.5
    Status: 1.0
    Glory: 1.0
    Insight: 135

    Outfit: Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Spear, Traveling Pack, 5 koku

    Shiba Bushi Rank 1: The Way of the Phoenix
    Can spend an additional Void Point to get +2k2 on a roll.
    Guard as a free action; adds +5 to Armor TN instead of +10.

    Defense Mastery 3: retain previous Defense/Reflexes roll if maintaining Full Defense Stance
    Kenjutsu Mastery 3: Damage rolls with swords +1k0
    Etiquette Mastery 3: +3 to Insight
    Investigation Mastery 3: A second attempt for Search Emphasis without an increase to TN.

    Ardent on
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  • The EverymanThe Everyman Registered User regular
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    I think I've settled it. Going to play a black sheep Hida who disgraced himself during his gempukku, failing the Code of Courage by allowing his Kuni bethrothed and two fellow students to die in battle with the Shadowlands while he fled for the Kaiu Wall. He could not say what had born his lack of bravery, only that he had listened to the kami and what he had felt in his heart.

    After the pulling of a few very valuable political strings, the Hida daimyo sent his failed son from home to Shinden Asahina where his cowardice would be tolerated, to instead train his talents with the kami. He finds that life as a shugenja suits him much better, days of tranquility spent meditating, praying to the kami, and creating beautiful works of origami, all instead of the terror and pain back on the Wall. It almost makes tolerating his spiteful betrothed worth it, a Kakita daughter bitter at the slight of having to marry a coward (and a Crab at that).

    I have a pretty solid of idea of how my sheet is going to look, going to fiddle around with it before posting.\
    EDIT: Aaand, this is how my sheet is looking.
    Hida Kouta
    Asahina Shugenja School Rank 1 / Insight Rank 1 (132)
    Honor: 6.5 / Glory: 1 / Status: 1

    AIR 3
    Reflexes 3 / Awareness 3
    EARTH 2
    Stamina 2 / Willpower 2
    FIRE 2
    Agility 2 / Intelligence 2
    WATER 3
    Strength 3 / Perception 3
    VOID 2

    Artisan: Origami* 2 [Aw] (6k3)
    Calligraphy* (Cipher) 1 [In] (4k2)
    Courtier* 2 [Aw] (6k3)
    Etiquette* 2 [Aw] (6k3)
    Investigation 1 [Pe] (4k3)
    Lore: Theology* 1 [In] (4k2)
    Meditation* 1 [V] (4k2)
    Sincerity 1 [Aw] (4k3)
    Spellcraft* 1 [In] (4k2)

    Different School (-5xp): Asahina Shugenja.
    Prodigy (-12xp): +1k0 to School Skill* Rolls.

    Bitter Betrothal (+2xp): Kakita (Artisan? Bushi?).
    Black Sheep (+3xp): Failure of gempukku/bushido, fellow soldiers slain, & desertion.
    Failure of Bushido (+4xp): [Courage] TN+5 when facing opponent of higher Glory/Status or Shadowlands.

    The Soul’s Grace – VP to reduce all enemy dmg rolls in 20’ by 0k1 for (SR) rounds. Free Raise on Defense spells.

    Spells (Affinity: Air / Deficiency: Fire)
    Sense, Commune, Summon

    AIR (5k3)
    - By the Light of the Moon (Air 1): All concealed objects in area are revealed.
    - Benten’s Touch (Air 2): Target gets +1k1 plus my Air Ring (3) to all Social Skill rolls.
    - Whispering Wind (Air 2 / Divination): Determine if last thing target said is true or a lie.

    WATER (4k3)
    - Ebbing Strength (Water 1 / Defense): Reduce phys trait up to SR to increase target’s trait.
    - Path to Inner Peace (Water 1): Heals wounds = to amount rolled exceeding TN.

    EARTH (3k2)
    - Earth’s Stagnation (Earth 1): Target gets -2k0 to rolls using Agility and Water Ring-1 rank for move.

    Robes, Bo, Wakizashi, Scroll Satchel, Traveling Pack, 10 koku

    The Everyman on
  • AspectVoidAspectVoid Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    Woot! Character is fully built and historyized. That is also totally a word now. I did not just make it up and spell it however I wanted. :D Anyway, here we go:

    Name: Kakita Keikon
    Clan: Crane
    School: Daidoji Iron Warriors
    Rings: Air 2, Fire 3 (Agility 4, Intelligence 3), Water 2, Earth 2, Void 2
    Honor: 6.5
    Glory: 2
    Status: 1
    Wounds: Healthy 10, Hurt 28, Out 52
    Insight: 132

    Armor TN: 25
    Glory TN: 40
    Iaijutsu TN: 15

    Kakita Keikon was born out of a political marriage between Kakita Toriyama and Himura Kyoku. Neither of his parents desired the marriage (and barely tolerated each other) and this had a great affect on his childhood. Before he was even old enough to comprehend it, he found himself to be a pawn for his parents to use against each other. He found himself retreating from his family, instead learning from retired samurai who lived as monks near his family's estate.

    The family battle over Keikon came to ahead when it came time for their child to begin his schooling. His mother worked behind the scenes with her old family, attempting to get her son to attend one of the Crab Clan Schools while his father pushed to get him accepted into the Kakita Dueling Academy. In the end, a compromise was found by sending him to study with the Daidoji.

    Away from his family, Keikon began to excell, proving to be among the most talented at the school with the Katana. However, his time with the monks also influenced him, and rather than focusing all of his energy on battle he set out to learn and experience as much as he could.

    As part of his training, Keikon participated in a joint exercise with the Kakita Dueling Academy, a mock battle in the fields outside Tsume. After the exercise was completed, the Daidoji students were given a day of leave before returning to their own school. It was there in Tsume that Keikon met Doji Isako, a pretty young girl training slightly younger than he was who was studying the arts of the Courtier. Over the course of the day the pair quickly became friends, sharing in music, poetry, and friendly debate. Even after leaving Tsume and the Kakita Academy grounds, the young friends stayed in contact through letters.

    With his talent with the Katana and a broad education, it was expected that Keikon would represent the Daidoji in the Topaz Championship. However, this was not to be as his parents interfered in his life once more. This time it was his father who backed down, and rather than heading for Tsume in the spring of his Gempukku, he headed for The Kaiu Wall to serve with the Crab for a year.

    The first few months were difficult for the young Kakita samurai. While trained for war by the Daidoji, the Crane lands were still peaceful, with guard duty more ceremonial than neccisary for survival and the ability to sleep with no fear in soft quarters rather than waking to even the slightest sound. While he excelled in the training yards with his Crab allies, he found his nerves and emotions becoming rough.

    It all came to a head during Keikon's fourth month on the wall. Having woken up in the middle of the night, Keikon went for a walk along the wall where he stumbled across a party of goblins that had infiltrated the wall. Having been conditioned to be cautious, Keikon was armed and had his Jade, and held the Goblins where they were until the battle drew reinforcements and the breech was sealed. Though injured in the fight, the Jade he wore protected him from the Shadowland taint.

    Keikon earn much fame among the Crab for his actions on the wall, finally feeling like an accepted part of its defenses. However, the two Crab Bushi who were suppose to be on watch in that area were found passed out drunk in a storeroom. While one was allowed to cleanse his honor by Seppuku, the other was denied this right by his lord, made ronin, and banished. Rumors reached Keikon that his younger sister, Hida Yuriko, blamed him for her brother's banishment, but Keikon paid it little heed.

    When his time on the wall was completed, Keikon returned home to the Crane. Back in his homeland, however, he found that the constant peace and quiet was almost nerve wracking after how on guard he had to be while on the Kaiu Wall. His father, in an attempt to undercut his mother's influence, had an old ally get Keikon appointed as Yojimbo for a Doji Courtier who had recently passed her Gempukku. Keikon was pleased to learn he would be protecting his friend Doji Isako.

    Isako, and thus Keikon, was assigned to the minor Phoenix City Michita Yasumi. At first Keikon was abrasive and somewhat paranoid about protecting his charge, but as the Crane and Phoenix were on good terms at the time, there was little danger and Keikon slowly learned to once more relax. While there were little issues with his professional life while in Michita Yasumi, the same could not be said for his personal life. It seemed that any time he would start to get close to a woman, something would just go horribly wrong for him. After numerous failures, Keikon came to the conclusion that Michita Yasumi was just bad luck for him and focused on his duties as a Yojimbo.

    After a year in Michita Yasumi, Doji Isako was recalled home, and with her Keikon. He was discharged from his duty as the Crane lands were considered safe. After just a short rest, his lord informed him of his newest task, in the Naishou Province...

    Skills: Kenjutsu 4, Kyujutsu 1, Iaijutsu 2, Defense 2, Etiquette 2, Sincerity 2, Courtier 1, Games (Go) 1, Perform (Flute) 2, Artisan (Poetry) 2, Lore (Heraldry) 1, Lore (Bushido) 1, Mediation 1

    Fame [+1 Glory Rank] (3xp)
    Ally - Doji Isako [Influence 2, Loyalty 4] (6xp - 1xp for Crane = 5xp)

    Sworn Enemy [Hida Yuriko] (3xp)
    Bad Fortune [Secret Love] (3xp)
    Note that I did not name who this was in Keikon's history. It could be a Crane from his days training, a Crab from his time on the wall, or a Phoenix from his time at Michita Yasumi. Heck, it could even be his ally, Doji Isako. The honest fact is that since Keikon doesn't know who it is, I don't want to know who it is. Have fun surprising me, Solar!

    Equipment: Sturdy Clothing, Heavy Armor, Daisho, Tetsubo, Travelling Pack, Wooden Flute, 9 Koku

    EDIT:As for connections to the other players, Keikon could very well know Shiba Naomi from his time in the Phoenix lands. The two serving as Yojimbo in the same court would easily fit the bill. Keikon could also easily know Hida Kouta, perhaps either coming across each other during their training days or by reputation while serving on the Kaiu Wall, or by both.

    Oh, also Keikon is not currently married, but it wouldn't surprise him in the least if both of his parents are trying to make power plays against each other by getting him married to someone from each of their clans. It'd just be another day in his life, really.

    AspectVoid on
  • AuralynxAuralynx Darkness is a perspective Watching the ego workRegistered User regular
    Fwiw I'm happy to go for the gusto on armorsmith or weaponsmith.


    The Everyman
  • Mikey CTSMikey CTS Registered User regular
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    Bayushi Seishinshi



    "I do not carry a blade because I am not prepared to take life indiscriminantly. For you, however, I am in a discriminating mood."

    Scorpion Clan (Bayushi)
    Kakita Bushi School
    Rank 1

    Bayushi Seishinshi was one of twins born to Bayushi Shichi and Bayushi Jinsei. Though completely different, the two shared a uncommon, even remarkable connection bordering on kharmic. When her sister Ushinatta was separated from her for an arranged marriage at a young age, Seishinshi was left a husk of her former self. Where once she was the daughter who chased dragonflies and skinned her knees, she would no longer speak to anyone, rarely ate, and hardly left her room. When their "houseguest" Kakita Kenkaku arrived, he took Seishinshi under his wing and brought out of her stupor. Her parents agreed to allow the Crane samurai to be their daughter's master. As she grew older her willfulness started to prove problematic, as she harshly rejected any suitors her parents attempted to matchmake her with. Kenkaku came up with a solution - he would take Seishinshi to court where she would learn the way of the world and value of a husband. With great hesitation, Shichi and Jinsei agreed to Kenkaku's plan. Upon completing her gempukku, Seishinshi left with her master to see the world outside of Scorpion provinces. There she meet the fierce yet lovely samurai-ko Kakita Ren, who was initially Seishinshi's rival upon arriving at the Kakita Dueling Academy. In time they developed a deep attraction for one another, and though they tried to resist temptation have since maintained a four year off-gain, on-again affair. Her relationship with her parent's now estranged due her never wedding, Seishinshi is torn between loyalty to her family, her clan, her master, and her lover. Between pursuing the ideal of perfection and serving her role as the Emperor's Underhand. As every Scorpion knows, though: her loyalty must be first to the Empire, and second to the Scorpion Clan.

    Seishinshi's small, petite frame belies her mastery of swordplay. The deep purple leather mask she wears over her eyes does little to hide her loveliness. Though she does not flaunt her form, she makes sure her kimono fits just right in all the right places. Her long lustrous dark hair she keep meticulously clean and pinned up. She does not casually carry a her katana as she says she is "unprepared to take a life carelessly," but her handmaid Shosuro Shiyonin makes sure the blade Sutinga is near for her mistress' protection.

    Air 3
    Earth 2
    Fire 2
    -Agility 3
    Water 2
    Void 2

    The Way of the Crane
    -Add Iaijutsu skill to all Initiative rolls; +1k1 plus School Rank while in the Center Stance

    Calligraphy [INT] 2 4k2
    Courtier [AWR] 1 4k3
    Defense [REF] 3 6k3
    -May carry over Defense/Reflex rolls from one round to the next
    Etiquette [AWR] 2 5k3
    Games/Letters [AWR] 1 4k3
    Iaijutsu [AGI] (Focus) 3 6k3
    -May ready a sword as a Free Action
    Kenjutsu [AGI] 2 5k3
    Kyujutsu [REF] 3 6k3
    -Add +1k0 when weilding a sword
    Sincerity [AWR] 2 5k3
    Tea Ceremony [VOID] 1 3k2
    Temptation [AWR] 1 4k3

    Different School 5pts
    -Trained in a school outside your own clan
    Servant (Attendant) 3pts
    -A loyal servant with most High Skills at 2 and Etiquette (Conversations) 3

    Black Sheep 3pts
    -No longer welcome in family household, though not outcast or ronin
    Lost Love 3pts
    -Occassionally prone to bouts of melancholy; increase all TN +5 until a Void point is spent

    Honor 6.5, Status 1, Glory 1, Insight 131

    Light armor (Armor TN +5; Reduction 3), sturdy clothing, katana (6k2; May spend Void point to add +1k1), wakizashi (5k2; may be thrown 20'), bow with willow leaf arrows (5k2; 250' range), traveling pack, 10 koku

    Gempukku Short Story
    The candle in the next room flickered by the cool autumnal breeze that flittered through the estate. Ami crept quietly through the halls. Keeping herself low to the floor, she peered around the corner as her tutor, Kakita Kenkaku, spoke with her father and master of the household, Bayushi Shichi.

    “She is a willful girl,” Shichi snarled through his mempo. “Where I so disrespectful, I would have sent to the Wall before I completed my gempukku.”

    “Willful yes, but not disrespectful,” Kenkaku interrupted. The screen to gardens open and her mother, Bayushi Jinsei, entered with the formal tea tray. Both men quickly relaxed their tense postures and sat up straight. As Jinsei poured their tea, Kenkaku thanked her and returned to their attention to the conversation. “She understands her duty to her family and the Scorpion, but she does not see the value of a husband.

    “Like her father, she is quite pragmatic,” Kenkaku stated plainly.

    Shichi would have retorted, but he knew Kenkaku spoke the truth. Despite that Ami and her sister Ushinatta were identical twins, Ami was more like himself. Ushinatta was more like her mother, having immediately accepted her duty to marry without question. Ami, however, questioned everything and would agree to nothing without full understanding. He could not fault his daughter for traits that he had passed down to her himself. He was well into his second decade before he began to recognize the importance of having a wife and legacy. For a man, while this was uncommon and had garnered Shichi a few strange glances, it was at least acceptable. A young woman, like Ami, to be unwed by her eighteenth year meant there was some fault or flaw in her.

    “There no more local suitors for Ami,” Jinsei sighed while sipping her tea. “Our daughter has a talent for taunting young men then humiliating them utterly.”

    Shichi cursed and slammed his fist against the table, causing his own cup to spill. Looking at Kenkaku, he noted with begrudging respect for the Crane samurai when he was unphased by Shichi’s dramatics. This was unsurprising, as the samurai had continued to earn Shichi’s respect since he arrived as a young man. When Ushinatta went off to Crane lands to wait for marriage at the tender age of eight, the masters of the household had sent Kenkaku to remain with them. He also couldn’t help but feel a twinge of pride for Ami – she was like a young Kachiko, Lady of the Scorpion. Bending young men to her will then discarding them when they served Ami no more purpose. Still, this turn of events would prove even more problematic for Shichi’s household.

    If Ami was startled by her father’s outburst, she made no sign of it. She remained completely silent as she eavesdropped on their conversation. It seemed only fair to her since she was the topic of conversation after all.

    Kenkaku sat down his cup, stroking his beard thoughtfully. “When I first arrived here,” he mused, “your daughter only opened up to me after I encouraged her to write her sister. It was re-establishing this connection that brought her from her room after days of isolation.”

    Shichi rolled his eyes. “Yes, we owe you a debt of gratitude for that. . .”

    “Listen,” Kenkaku said. “It was not I who brought your daughter out of her room. Ushinatta was the one who did that. Perhaps closer proximity to her twin would make her more receptive.”

    Jinsei considered what Kenkaku was saying. “We send her to the Winter Court,” she said.

    “With me,” Kenkaku replied. “Ushinatta is wed now and it is time I returned to my home. I would be her sponsor and chaperone throughout the proceedings.”

    Ami felt herself bristle with excitement.

    Shichi was skeptical. Though he respected Kenkaku, he had always resented that Ami had refused to study with her Scorpion instructors. The only person’s tutelage she would accept was Kenkaku. While he and her mother had done their best to supplement her studies with pride in the Scorpion, he feared she identified more with her instructor. That she identified more with the Crane than her own family.

    “If she is to go,” Shichi relented, “she will have her handmaid, Shosuro Shiyonin, with her.”

    Jinsei nodded in agreement with her husband. Stroking his thick beard Kakita Kenkaku considered the offer. While he respected and even admired Shichi and Jinsei for his treatment over the years, he knew well the reputation of the Scorpion. For years now he had been careful guarded his secrets. He considered his words carefully and used little tricks to make sure his affects weren’t tampered with. Over time, he let these practices slip and would find draw left out of place or a book moved. The handmaid would most likely be a spy. Anything overheard or noticed would be immediately reported back to them. He would ultimately be responsible for any secrets the Scorpion gleaned from her placement. Ami was a promising student, though; well-gifted with the blade and eager to learn. She was also stubborn and incorrigible – she would not tolerate any poor behavior from her servant, someone meant to be her representative. Knowing this, Kenkaku agreed and the two men bowed to each other.

    “Ami, you may enter now,” Shichi called out. Ami’s face flushed and she remained motionless. She briefly considered backing away quietly and hoping this would somehow blow over. Her better judgment told her just to accept it. Standing up she adjusted her kimono and entered the room with a low, deep bow. “I am very sorry,” Ami started,” I heard my name and . . . “

    Her father raised a hand to interrupt her as the other pulled a small, lacquered box from beneath the table. “If we had not wanted you to know,” Shichi said, “you simply would not have known this meeting was occurring.” He turned to face his daughter, the lacquered box in his lap, holding his arm out palm up to instruct her to kneel. Ami knelt quickly and prostrated herself. “Ami – you have completed your gempukku and are ready to be named samurai.”

    Face to the floor Ami’s eyes brightened but she remained prostrated.

    “Rise now,” Shichi commanded, “and accept your mempo and blade.” As Ami rose, Shichi held out the lacquered box to his daughter, who tactfully took it into her hands. She opened it upon receiving an approving nod from her father. Inside was a delicate clay mask designed to fit around Ami’s eyes of deep purple color, with a silk thong to tie around the back of her head. Carefully and with much ceremony, Ami placed the mask around her eyes and secured it in place. It fit her face perfectly – confirming to the line of her cheekbones, the ridge of her nose, and her brow. Shichi hefted the katana from the daisho hidden just out of sight of the doorframe Ami had been eavesdropping at. He slipped it the blade from its sheath then back inside with an approving nod. Then Shichi offered it to his daughter open handed. Graciously Ami lifted the katana from her father’s hands. Removing the blade from its sheath she held it straight, excepting it from all angles. Satisfied the blade was without flaw, she tucked it back into the sheath, set it into her lap, and bowed.

    “What is your name, Scorpion?” Shichi demanded.

    “. . . Seishinshi.”

    Flesh and Bone Short Story
    The Kakita Dueling Academy, four years prior . . .

    Bayushi Seishinshi slide thru the halls silently in the early-evening dusk in pursuit of her quarry. Over the last few weeks she had learned the target of her ire's habits and routine.

    She was Scorpion Clan, after all; this sort of skullduggery came naturally to Seishinshi as breathing. Master Kenkaku had forbidden her from challenging her enemy after she took advantage of a moment of weakness in Seishinshi's heart. On a day when Seishinshi felt her twin's absence most horribly, her enemy had made an example of Seishinshi in a training exercise. It was unforgivable - no proper Scorpion samurai could ever let such an affront go quietly. If she could not publicly challenge her enemy, she would confront her when there were no witnesses to report what happened.

    Seishinshi pushed the door open just slightly to peer in. Her lips pursed when she recognized her enemy's white hair.

    Kakita Ren was practicing her form in the red light of the setting sun. The sweat beaded on her forehead and dripped down her exposed arms as she swung her boken in each of the prime positions, one after another. She glistened in the stark lighting. Her dyed hair was tied tightly on top of her head. Her back was to Seishinshi; she had not noticed anyone intruding on her practice. Yet.

    Entering slowly and silently, Seishinshi snapped the door shut to draw the Crane samuria-ko's attention to her. Ren's head turned back to see Seishinshi reaching for a boken, the Scorpion's hateful eyes never moving from Ren. "Well," Ren smirked, "if it isn't the little Scorpion who plays at being graceful Crane. Tell me, have you managed to find how to keep your footing? Have you come for a private lesson? I'm afraid I am too young yet to take on disciples."

    "I have come for vengeance," Seishinshi retorted. Pulling her kimono from her shoulder to free her swordarm, her tightly-wrapped chest exposed. "Your form is sloppy. You only beat me because I was suffering melancholy."

    "Any weakness is exploitable," Ren growled. "Do you think an enemy would care that your feelings are hurt?"

    Seishinshi's face pinched with anger. Both samurai-ko knew the time for words was over now. They began to circle each other - sizing one another up for the strike. Ren could find no fault in Seishinshi's footing this time; Seishinshi found no fault in Ren's form. Each tried another stance; each in turn took a flawless counter-stance. Outside, a crane called its mate in the approaching dusk of day. A koi leapt from the garden pond outside the dojo, catching a dragonfly in its gaping mouth before splashing down back into the waters. Both samurai-ko began to feel frustrated and notice discomforting things about their opponents. Seishinshi noticed how tall and graceful her opponent was - her long, athletic legs and slim form. Ren's eyes turned to Seishinshi's lovely neck and shoulders, her eyes following down . . . That was when Seishinshi rushed forward and gained the advantage. With a mighty crack she relieved the boken from Ren's grip and forced the Crane to the floor. The Scorpion held her wooden blade down toward Ren. "Admit your defeat and apologize for your arrogance," Seishinshi demanded. "You have been bested. Be glad my master forbids me from publicly challenging you."

    Ren sneered, glancing over at her boken. It was too far to reach. She looked back up at her opponent and their eyes meet, they each in turn felt a chill. This did not stop Ren from stealing the advantage, kicking Seishinshi's grip and removing the boken from her hands. Startled Seishinshi stumbled back, giving Ren the opportunity to scramble for her boken. Her left hand ached like so many serpents' bite and was rapidly swelling. She was almost certain two of more digits were broken. Seishinshi snarled and threw herself over the Kakita samurai-ko. She caught Ren in an armlock, pinning her to the floor.

    "Dishonorable dog," Ren shouted between painful squeels. "You have broken the rules of engagement!"

    "Wasn't it you who said any weakness was exploitable? Wasn't it you who kicked and broke my hand, the first clear violation? Isn't it a funny thing when the wretched Scorpion has more honor than the irreproachable Crane," Seishinshi groaned.

    Enraged Ren threw her head back, bloodying Seishinshi's nose and forcing her to release Ren's arm. Ren rolled back and over Seishinshi, knocking her to the floor. "I will make you choke on those words," Ren snarled. As Seishinshi started up, Ren whipped behind her and threw one arm around Seishinshi's neck and the other around her torso. Ren tried not to notice that Seishinshi's hair smelled of sweet Spring honeysuckles. She felt Seishinshi struggle in her arms, then noticed the Scorpion samurai-ko wasn't struggling nearly as much as she had been. Seishinshi was breathing raggedly and shuddered in her arms. Perhaps the blow to the nose had taken the venom out of this Scorpion's sting. Then Ren saw why - in all their wrestling, Seishinshi's chestwrap had come loose. Ren's hand was gripping the young samurai-ko's exposed breast in her hard, firm grip.

    She immediately pushed herself away from Seishinshi, who quickly pulled the shoulder of her kimono up to cover her nudity. With the sun setting and clutching her silks to her, Seishinshi looked humiliated and defeated as a tear sparkled down her face in the last rays of daylight. This was not what Ren wanted. Defeating an opponent in honorable combat was good and noble. There was nothing good to be found in here.

    For a long moment, neither samurai-ko could look at or address the other.

    Ren finally drew her eyes to Seishinshi's bloodied face and sighed deeply. "Wait here," she spoke softly. As Ren left the room Seishinshi considered fleeing into the gardens. If she left now she might make it back before her master to clean herself up, ensure he was none the wiser. She started and clutched her kimono tighter when Ren returned carrying a bucket and clean rags. Ren knelt down beside Seishinshi, dipped one of the rags in the cool water, and then turned to face Seishinshi. "I just want to clean you face," she said soothingly. "May I?"

    Seishinshi kept her eyes downcast but nodded to give her consent. Gently Ren lifted the samurai-ko's chin, using the clean rag to wipe the blood away. She showed a great deal of tenderness that Seishinshi had not recognized in Ren before. By the time she was nearly finished the water in the bucket had turned red and she been through three of the four clean rags. Ren sighed looking at Seishinshi's mask, "I'm sorry, but I have to remove your mask to finish." Seishinshi balked at the idea, looking at Ren with shock and appall. "Just this one time," Ren crooned. "I just want to make sure you're completely cleaned."

    Seishinshi considered it for a moment, her breath caught in her throat. She reached behind her head, removing the pins that held her hair up and the mask in place. Her hair fell over her shoulders likely the shimmering cascade of waterfall at night. Slowly, Ren scooted closer to Seishinshi, so close the feel each other's heat in the cooling night air. Reaching behind Seishinshi's head Ren release the knot that held the dark purple mask to the Scorpion's eyes. Kakita Ren was shocked that she was even lovelier without the mask on, even with her nose still reddened from the fight. They locked eyes for a moment, only a moment, before Ren broke her reverie and cleaned the remaining blood from Bayushi Seishinshi's face. Setting the rag in the bucket with the others, Ren looked back at Seishinshi and found herself at a loss for words. She wanted to apologize. She wanted to tell her it was okay, that all was forgotten. They could just leave it here and never speak of it again. She wanted to help her with her mask and kimono before sending her back home. But that wasn't what she really wanted at all, she realized when the two locked eyes again. With the full moon casting brilliant light, making them both appear to have a porcelain glow, the two embraced and then for a short while were one.

    The moon hung high now with the starlight canopy of night. Ren was helping Seishinshi back into her kimono. There were so many things still yet to say. Things they wanted to apologize for. Hopes and dreams they wanted to share with each other. Tender desires they longed to whisper in each other's ear. More than anything they wanted to drinkly deeply of each, if for only a little while longer. To know each other's smell and taste. The explore the soft curves of one another's flesh. Seishinshi politely thanked Ren, then stood up on her toes to gently kiss the taller Crane. Ren took the Scorpion's swollen, bruised hand and kissed her knuckle. "Will it mend?" Ren asked feeling great regret.

    "In time. I don't believe it's actually broken. I can still move my fingers, if only a little.

    "My master and I are leaving for Kyuden Doji in the morning," Seishinshi sighed. "Then shortly after that Winter Court in Toshi Ranbo. If we never meet again, know I will never forget you, Ren-san."

    "I certainly hope we will meet again, Shi-chan," Ren replied, stroking Seishinshi's hair. With a gentle smile Seishinshi pushed her check into Ren's palm. She then picked up her mask, tied it back around her head and with that was gone from Ren's sight.

    They both knew that they would never see each other again - and they were both of them wrong.

    Mikey CTS on
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  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    Interesting character there Mikey, looking forward to seeing that background concept as well.

    Aspect, I like a lot of that, but I feel it might be tricky utilizing both sworn enemy and secret love at the same time without giving either the attention they need. I understand that it's always exciting to include lots of stuff, but from a GM perspective incorporating it all effectively, especially with a larger group, can make things seem rushed or unconsidered.

    Have you considered combining the two together? A kind of love/hate rival, who seeks to destroy Keikon-San due to matters of family and honour, but cannot help but find his proved bravery and nobility to be attractive. That could work very well, there's lots of scope for both tragedy and happiness there.

  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
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    Everyman I find the idea of a cowardly Kuni very unique, in a game like L5R, not many people would choose that route. Pretty cool!

    Similarly, the idea of a physically crippled Ikoma who still serves the glory of the Lion to be rather powerful, a Samurai cannot allow such things to defeat their duty, remaining loyal regardless of the troubles they may have. A somewhat sad, yet inspiring character.

    I notice that people are a big fan of taking various schools, which of course means the conflict between loyalties to one's sensei and loyalty to one's clan, classic Samurai drama!

    Solar on
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    @Dongs Galore "@jdarksun @I needed a name to post

    feel free to post a character concept! Even if you don't know the background, try just coming up with a bare-bones idea based off popular samurai stories etc.

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  • AspectVoidAspectVoid Registered User regular
    Solar wrote: »
    Aspect, I like a lot of that, but I feel it might be tricky utilizing both sworn enemy and secret love at the same time without giving either the attention they need. I understand that it's always exciting to include lots of stuff, but from a GM perspective incorporating it all effectively, especially with a larger group, can make things seem rushed or unconsidered.

    Have you considered combining the two together? A kind of love/hate rival, who seeks to destroy Keikon-San due to matters of family and honour, but cannot help but find his proved bravery and nobility to be attractive. That could work very well, there's lots of scope for both tragedy and happiness there.

    You know, I didn't even look at it from that perspective, but it certainly would work. Its really as easy as changing the Sworn Enemy from being a brother to being a sister, thus tying it all together. Keikon would only know her as someone who has sworn vengeance on him. At least at the start...

    I shall edit the history section in my character post to reflect that.

  • Super NamicchiSuper Namicchi Registered User regular
    I will be able to crack into the book tomorrow morning after work so a concept should be on its way soon from me

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    Solar wrote: »
    Everyman I find the idea of a cowardly Kuni very unique, in a game like L5R, not many people would choose that route. Pretty cool!
    Just checking -- you meant Hida, right?

    edit: I know it is extremely uncommon for shugenja to be born in the Hida family (I think the book says like 1 or 2 a generation), but I figured it would further the disconnect from failing to be a fearless brute warrior and instead following the path of pacifist priest artisan.

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  • SolarSolar Registered User regular
    Sorry, yes, Hida

    Damn Crab with their damn four letter name families...

  • jurnerjurner Registered User regular
    I always wanted to see L5R in action. Looking forward to this!

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