I'd love to see someone's interpretation of this

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I'm testing out my descriptive skills, and I'm ass at drawing. I'd love to see someone draw the sci fi helicopter I came up with:

The Ravinid class gunship: These evil creations thoom angrily and attack the air around them until their will is absolute. They have a rigid angular appearance, with a ribbed flat nose, 6 oscillating side rotors, and a smooth top. The tail splits into two beams that house a universally rotating stability rotor. There are three straight blades on each side of the center body. They are stacked so each rotor is slightly behind and above the previous. Four insect like landing legs unfold from the corners of the body, and when a Ravinid is parked, its nose points slightly down and its wings go straight back and point upwards, giving it a morbidly domineering presence. The cockpit is the traditional polygonal shape. A round rotating chin turret sits under the nose, and the barrel of the weapon barely fits under the extended front of the nose. In between the ribs of the nose lie missile batteries, ready to spit out death. If viewed at a distance, the gunships look like ancient shrines to benevolent gods. If viewed up close, they look like furious wasps.


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    Hey bro...This isn't how this forum works. New threads need to have art (that the thread starter did) in the thread. We don't allow requests for art, site promoting, etc in new threads. I would move this to the chat thread, and you may get better luck.
    Also..what is this for? Because what you're asking for is basically a comission, and you should never be asking someone to do that for free. If you want to pay someone to do this...cool. but otherwise i don't think you'll have any takers. If this is for a product/game/project....then its really not cool asking someone to do this.

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