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The Phallington Horror: A [Mini-Phalla]: Phallington is Devoured!

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The Phallington Horror: A [Mini-Phalla]



Something strange is happening in Phallington. Normally it is a quiet town with very little incidence, but several citizens have gone mysteriously missing in the past few days. In addition, strange animal remains have been found on the outskirts of town, decapitated and skinned. A human skull and several ribs were found in the well this morning. The townsfolk do not know whether or not the bones belonged to one of their missing neighbors.

Strange markings are painted in blood on all of the doors. Villagers have given up on trying to remove them, as the symbols have been reappearing only moments erasure. Townfolk fear for their very souls.

This is a Phalla game. If you are new, you are more than welcome to join but it might be a good idea to look over the linked topic for the basics. This game is relatively basic and is a good hopping on point for beginners.

The village faction is the The village of Phallington.
The mafia faction is the Possessed Villagers.

Signing Up:
Sign up by posting in bold limegreen. This game is designed for 25 players, but I'll take up to 30 players.

Elimination votes every day will be cast in bold red. Vote close will be at 10:00 EST. Votes cast\Orders Submitted at 9:59 will be accepted, orders\votes cast at 10:00 will not.
Edited vote posts will be ignored, which may result in an inactivity warning if left uncorrected.

To be considered active, each player must make at least two posts, make a vote, and submit orders. You will be removed from the game on the second day that you are inactive.

Standard Phalla Rules
-Include the host in all PM’s and Proboards. No anonymous contact
-No sharing, screenshotting etc. of Host PMs
-If you are eliminated, you can make one ghost post, as long as it has no game information. Ghost posts are made after the night’s final narration. See “Game Specific Rules” for exceptions to this rule
-No talking with the dead. Even if you are both dead.
-You may not add players to preexisting PM conversations. Start a new conversation instead.

Game Specific Rules
-This game will include two narrations. The second narration will be posted roughly one hour after the first narration is posted. If a player’s death is shown in the first narration, AND certain other conditions are met, they will receive a PM letting them know that their ghost has returned to exact revenge on their perceived attacker.

There are special rules for these returning ghosts: the ghost may make as many ghost posts as they want before the second narration of the night, and they also may mention the player they are targeting by name (and only that player). After the night’s final narration is posted, they may only make a single ghost post that conforms to standard phalla rules.

Players who do not receive a PM after the first narration may not make their ghost post until after the night’s final narration. These ghosts posts are made with respect to normal phalla rules (no game information).

Sample Villager PM:
You are a Villager of Phallington! You must ban together with your fellow villagers to remove the evil presence from your town.

Power(Haunting): Each night, you must specify a player that you would like to haunt. If you die that night, and certain other conditions are met, your ghost will return to the village and kill the player you specified. In addition, your rules for making ghosts post will be slightly altered. You will receive a PM when you are able to haunt.

Unless you are otherwise notified, do not ghost post until after the second narration of that night.

If you do not submit a target for Haunting, your target will be same as the previous night. If this cannot be done, your Haunting target will be randomly generated.

Win Condition: Remove all threats to the village.


Vote Ties: Tied Votes will result in both ‘winners’ being removed from the game.

Player List
3. KetBra
6. jdarksun
9. The Anonymous
13. Kime
14. GrimmyTOA \ SeGaTai
15. Trust
18. Baidol
19. undergroundmonorail
20. Invictus
22. Cythraul
23. Sir Fab
24. Gizzy
25. Infidel

The Dead:

Day 3:
TheRoadVirus, Possessed Villager - Exorcised by the Mayor
ObiFett, Villager - Devoured by a Mimic
CesareB, Villager - Murdered by Mad Villagers

1. BlahmcBlah

Day 3 Narration

Nintendo ID: Pastalonius
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3ds: 3282-2248-0453
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