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Pfft..I wish..



  • RawrBearRawrBear regular Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    IpseDixit wrote: »
    I wish I had a plan for my life

    I turn 30 next year and as it gets closer and closer to being next year I'm starting to freak out more

    I don't even know where to begin to explain why I feel this way. I have been sitting here at the computer and re-written this post about 10 times, and each time hasn't really captured the general sense of un-ease I have.

    I kinda know what this is like. I'm finishing up university in nearly four months and aside from allowing me to maybe teach English overseas somewhere my degree is pretty much good for nothing. I went back to school cause I wasn't really happy doing super easy desk job programming stuff forever, but it's been 4 years and I'm not any closer to doing anything else. Like I should probably be excited about getting a programming job I actually care about, moving somewhere cool or that I'm way better at art than I was 4 years ago (no thanks to the shitty studio program at my university). Instead I just feel like I'm back to where I started and as i get older I get more terrified that time is running out for me to accomplish my goals.

    RawrBear on
  • MetalbourneMetalbourne regular Inside a cluster b personalityRegistered User regular
    I really fucking wish that people who called customer service would do so with their bill already in front of them. It's like, fucking Christ, thanks for wasting my time here explaining something to you that you could have read on a piece of paper we send out to you every month. Look, I don't know why your fucking bill is so high just by looking at it. We don't institute a "make your bill higher" fee, so you're going to have to go over it and see if the five hundred dollars you spent on extra lives in candy crush saga is abnormal or if it's the fact that the surcharges went up by three cents. Okay, I don't know what's fucking normal for you.

    Oh, you want a supervisor because I pointed out the obvious fact that your bill nowhere to be found and you want me to read off every single charge to you? Good, because you know what power supervisors have that I don't? The ability to say "no" outright.

    And speaking of the word "no," you know when you ask for something and we tell you how to do it for your lazy fucking self? That's our way of saying no. We can't say no to a customer because your tiny, fragile ego might break like a soap bubble and you'll write a bad review on every fucking site on the Internet, taking up some holy crusade against us that takes up the majority of your worthless life rather than the five minutes it would have taken to do whatever it was yourself. Okay, so fuck you. Anytime you call customer service and you hear the phrase, "oh you can do that online now," what you're really hearing is, "we can't fucking do that. And no, my supervisor can't do that either. Fucking hell, what is wrong with you, you helpless fuck?"

    Duke 2.0The BetgirlUsagiTankHammerchrishallett83HacksawCaulk Bite 6Veldrin
  • Duke 2.0Duke 2.0 Time Trash Cat Registered User regular
    I don't care if you bring up calling the police, I literally cannot do anything with my supervisor gone for the evening. My machine can't even process refunds. All you are doing is wasting both of our times sir.

  • DoobhDoobh She/Her, Ace Pan/Bisexual 8-) What's up, bootlickers?Registered User regular
    Hooray, three hours of work scheduled on tuesdays! It's a start, and hopefully what I need to build up my confidence.

    It's also a few months away until I can make hard relationship choices. There ain't an easy way to say "I love you, but I really want to be a slut for a little while."

    Miss me? Find me on:

    Twitch (I stream most days of the week)
    Twitter (mean leftist discourse)
  • Mr FuzzbuttMr Fuzzbutt regular Registered User regular
    I wish I could just get up and go out to the pub or whatever anytime.

    If I don't know at least a day in advance it is impossible to summon the energy to do it.

    Brovid HasselsmofJayKaos
  • AntimatterAntimatter regular Registered User regular
    i wish i hadnt lost one of gipsy danger's swords

    she may not have canonically deployed both at once but ehh

  • Brovid HasselsmofBrovid Hasselsmof [Growling historic on the fury road] Registered User regular
    I wish I didn't have a funeral to go to today.

    HacksawAntimatterMr FuzzbuttLiiyaMetalbourneDuke 2.0chrishallett83Dis'VeldrinNaphtaliPsykomaThe BetgirlWuShockSassoriI Win SwordfightsFyndirIpseDixitUsagiAngelina
  • Caulk Bite 6Caulk Bite 6 One of the multitude of Dans infesting this place Registered User regular
    I wish I could finish this baggy of chocolate dipped pretzels without feeling terribly fat for the effort.

  • Mr FuzzbuttMr Fuzzbutt regular Registered User regular
    I wish I could finish this baggy of chocolate dipped pretzels without feeling terribly fat for the effort.

    Give them to me.

    It's good for bears to feel fat.

  • LabelLabel regular Registered User regular
    I wish i had some way of processing and dealing with the shit going on in my life

  • WuShockWuShock Lawful Good South BrownbackistanRegistered User regular
    I wish people would accept, "I don't like chocolate milk," as the perfectly valid expression of culinary aesthetics that it is.

    Twixxo wrote:
    WuShock is the best
    He is the very bestest
    I wish I was him


    Fire Truckzerzhul
  • RawrBearRawrBear regular Registered User regular
    I still wish my housemates knew anything about dogs ever. Let's lock the dog in a crate for a few hours cause he was 'bad', yes good idea.

    Caulk Bite 6
  • HermanoHermano regular Registered User regular
    WuShock wrote: »
    I wish people would accept, "I don't like chocolate milk," as the perfectly valid expression of culinary aesthetics that it is.


    Oh I'm so sorry I don't know what came over me

    PSN- AHermano
    TheStigKwoaruKanaCaulk Bite 6
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